The Caravan of Solace - Mexico's movement for Peace

Mexico is in an state of National Emergency 50,000+ people have died due to the so-called
"war against drugs" initiated by the policies of President Felipe Calderón since 2006.

With the murder of son of poet Javier Sicilia in March 2011 a civil movement emerges proclaiming:
Enough Already!

In June 2011 The Caravan of Solace Travels to the North of Mexico Meeting countless victims along the way... People willing to speak out and end this senseless war against mexicans

This is just a chapter, the Movement continues.

The caravan to the South took take place in September 2011.

We ask for the support of the international community. Mass-media reports the war as a battle against criminal organization when in fact, criminal organizations and the government are often the same and their target is the Mexican population.

Mexican and the US government are interested in this war because the enormous profit of the arm trade and the benefits of control they gain over the Mexican population after a militarized country.

Stop the war! ...