2010 About the Festival

The  2010 NC Latin American Film Festival. Structure and Topics

2010 is a year of celebration, but also of evaluation, for many nations in the region independence was reached thanks to the sacrifice of many. Today, many nations still not recognize and/or integrate fully all members of society.

The 2010 LACFF will show films, videos, and new media creations around three conceptual groupings.

  1. Decolonizing film (Indigenous and Afro expressions through the Americas)
  2. Re-Capitulating Nations (Historical/Contemporary selection)
  3. New Challenges / imperial nostalgia / new imperialisms (Latinos migration, global trafficking, environmental degradation, civil and human rights)

Around these topics the FF is inviting films, scholars, film makers, activists and artists that would intent to show a complex yet hopeful image of the region in its 200 years of entering the modern project of becoming free and independent. The 2010 FF will show feature length films (historical and contemporary), short films, documentary video, visual art, and new media art produce in the Americas.

The NCLAFF also features short fiction and animation films: parodies and satires, sci-fi, and urban creations which are to be screened prior to each featured title for the duration of the Festival.  Among others:

El Pequeño Tirano (Colombia); Huevos (Mexico); a selection of Chilean short Films from Santiago’s International Short Film Fest (7 shorts / various authors), La Isla Presidencial (Venezuela), shorts from Medellín My Home (2010), among others.