FRIDAY, November 13. 7 pm. Frank Family Science Center. Guilford College. Greensboro, NC

EL AURA, Fabián Bielinski (Argentina, 2006) 134 min.

Espinoza is a shy taxidermist who secretly dreams of executing the perfect robbery. On his first ever hunting trip, in the calm of the Patagonian forest, his dreams become reality with one squeeze of the trigger. Espinoza accidentally kills a man who turns out to be a real criminal and inherits his scheme: the heist of an armored van carrying casino profits. Caught up in a world of complex new rules and frightening violence, Espinoza's lack of experience puts him in real danger. And he has another, more dangerous liability: he is an epileptic. Before each seizure he is visited by the ''aura'': a paradoxical moment of confusion and enlightenment where the past and future seem to blend.

Spanish with English Subtitles


Introduced by Kathryn Bowers, Dept. of Spanish Language, Guilford College

Musical Presentation by Lorena Guillen & Alejandro Rutty, Tango.