SUNDAY, November 15. Talk at 6 pm. Film at 7 pm. Nelson Mandela Auditorium – FedEx Global Education Center, UNC-CH. Chapel Hill, NC

Sara Gómez

*Talk: The Films of Sara Gómez by Todd Ramón Ochoa. UNC-CH Dept. of Religious Studies

* Film:  DE CIERTA MANERA (One Way or Another), Sara Gómez (Cuba, 1974/1977). 74min.

A fascinating cinematic mix of documentary and fiction, De Cierta Manera looks at the marginal neighborhoods of Havana shortly after the triumph of the 1959 Revolution, examining how the transformations engendered by the revolution manifested themselves in these areas.  As the film reveals, Gómez was a revolutionary filmmaker with intersecting concerns: the Afro-Cuban community and the value of its cultural traditions, women's issues, the treatment of marginalized sectors of society, and the role of family within the context of the revolution and workers' rights. For its time, the film was extremely radical both in form and content. Hence, Sara Gómez remains one of the most significant filmmakers from Latin America.

Spanish with English subtitles