Seed Spirits: the Otomi of Carolina del Norte

Seed Spirits: the Otomi of Carolina del Norte
Altha Cravey & Elva Bishop (Durham, 2011) 30min
With the presence of the Directors. 
The documentary, WORLD PREMIERE, presents the indigenous diaspora of Otomi (Hnahnu peoples) in Durham, while portraing their lives in San Pablito, Mexico. The Otomi are the 5th largest Indigenous population in Mexico, and like most other indigenous peoples, live in poverty and marginalization. Is common to find mostly women and children in their traditional lands (central altiplano of Mexico), while men had migrated to cities and the US. Durham has seen an increase of this community in the past 10 years. With them their language, traditions (fabric and paper making), and now families are coming with them.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 19  | Chapel Hill

Room 1005. FedEx Global Education Center. UNC CH