A tiro de piedra | A Stone's Throw Away

A tiro de piedra | A Stone's Throw Away

Sebastian Hiriart (Mexico, 2011). 117 min


Special Event with the presence of the Director

Jacinto is a goat-herder in a part of Mexico that looks quite desolate and inhospitable.   There aren’t many other people around. His life seems quite boring and lonely.  The bells the goats wear do make a nice musical clang but that’s hardly exciting. Sometimes, while looking after the goats, Jacinto falls into a reverie where he is struggling through a pine forest that’s deep in snow – he looks exhausted, like he’s on his last legs. But then he finds a large wooden box buried in the snow – a treasure chest, maybe? When he finds a keychain in the shape of a barn surrounded by trees, stamped with the name of a town in Oregon, he takes it as “a sign” that he should go there, and that’s just what he does, though not without many trials and tribulations. On the way, some people help him, and some people take advantage of him -  that’s the way real life is, for many of us. Jacinto survives through a combination of good nature, stubbornness and stoicism. His jutting chin seems like the physical manifestation of that stubbornness.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 18  |  Raleigh

Student Cinema. Witherspoon Student Center . NCSU

6.30 pm.