Jupiter, Florida. USA.

Jacaltenango Guatemala

Thursday. NOVEMBER 6 

UNC Chapel Hill. Nelson Mandela Auditorium, Global Education Center. 7pm

Special: Work in Progress / Trailer

Brother Towns / Pueblos Hermanos. A Film by Charles Thompson.  Directed by Charles Thompson and Michael Davey.  A production of the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. (Durham, 2010)

It chronicles the human interchange over the last quarter century between two towns: Jacaltenango, Guatemala and Jupiter, Florida.  During the Guatemalan violence of the 1980s refugees began heading north to save their lives.  Once they found asylum, other economic refugees followed.   Some three thousand indigenous migrants from the highlands of Guatemala have made their way to the coastal resort town of Jupiter.  There they work as landscapers, builders, and tend to the many golf courses in the area.  The film highlights the story of Jupiter's labor center called El Sol, a non-profit organization reaching out to the migrants.  Jupiter and Jacaltenango have signed a sister city agreement, and try to face head on the challenges presented by change. The film raises many questions about the new immigrants in small communities across the country.  It underlines the challenges in the U.S.  as well as the tremendous pressures on Guatemalan families, who see members must decide whether to leave to provide for them or stay behind to keep the family together.  One brother goes, another stays.  One family has enough money but no father in the home, the other has a father present but no money.  These are the two heartrending choices presented in this globalized world. More a generator of discussion than a definitive answer to immigration questions, Brother Towns/ Pueblos Hermanos leaves us engaged and with one solid example of what two communitie

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