TUESDAY, November 10. 7 pm. Educational Resource Center (ERC) Auditorium (main campus). Durham Technical Community College. Durham, NC

"Prohibido Bailar Suin" (2003)

BEYOND DENUNCIATION: ARTENEMO AND DOCUMENTARY THRESHOLDS FROM CENTRAL AMERICA. Curated by Jorge Albán (Costa Rican curator and new media artist). 

The short films in this series explore collaborative film production from an open source platform in Central America. The audiovisual strategies rest on performative, reflexive, and participative documentary, these productions shatter not only the fourth wall, but our preconceptions of what a documentary is supposed to be and do.


-PLATILLOS TRADICIONALES BORUCUAS: TESORO VIVO DE LA CULTURA / Borucuan Dishes: cultural treasure (Leyla Garro, Borucuan Community. 2008). 4min. For years costarican researcher Leyla Garro has gathered food recipes and life stories from the Boruca people, and indigenous tribe living in the southeast region of Costa Rica. Over 140 different dishes have been identified and the list is still growing.


- MUSICA Y POESIS EN LA LEON XIII / Music and Poetry in Leon XIII (Natalia Esquivel, Artenemo, 2009). 4min.  Costarican musician and teacher Natalia Esquivel has been teaching choral singing and producing cultural meetings with guests artists for young people in Leon XIII, a feared poor neighborhood north of San Jose, capital of Costa Rica, Central America.


- CANTORAS COMPOSITORAS DE GUANACUASTE / Women Singers and Composers from Guanacuaste (Karol Cabalceta, Artenemo. 2009). 5min. Costarican musician and researcher Karol Cabalceta noticed she often was the only woman singing at peñas or typical celebrations of the nortwest region of Costa Rica called Guanacaste. So she set out looking for women singer-composers. Eight of them are portrayed in this documentary, entirely produced in Puppy Linux using nothing but free and open source software


- ANGIE CONTRA EL MUNDO / Angie against the World (Ana Luisa Sánchez, Panamá. 2005). Interactive video. A girl runs across Panama City while escaping from a force that wants to get her, dominate her, abused her. She is Panama, what way to go?


- KUNFU (Hugo Ochoa, Honduras. 2006) 6min. A video essay on homeless people, performance and political subjectivity. 


-AYER SE FUE /Yesterday He Left (Victor Rodriguez, El Salvador. 2006). 6min. A remix of images and sounds of street children in San Salvador.


-  PROHIBIDO BAILAR SUIN / Not Swing Dancing Allowed (Gabriela Hernández, Costa Rica, 2003). 35min. This documentary provides one of the most clear and vivid expressions of Costa Rican urban popular culture: the “creole swing” or cumbia. It is made from the perspective of a group of dancers -- a businessman, a dance teacher, a taxi driver, a disc jockey, a dentist/musician, a wage laborer and a young transvestite who all have in common their passion for the swing and meet each other frequently in a dance hall, Karymar, reknowned as “The Cradle of Swing.” 

Spanish with English subtitles


Introduction and presentation by Jorge Albán and filmmaker Gabriela Hernández.


Q & A following the screening.