/ A Distant Home.
FRIDAY, November 20. 5-7 pm. Richard White Auditorium. Duke University. Durham, NC.


 Manos Sin Identidad (Laura Valencia)

The Latino Portrait Project presents:

UN HOGAR LEJANO / A DISTANT HOME (2009 SAF Folklife Documentary Project)

Each spring and summer, fields across the US South bloom with abundance and fill with laborers to tend them.  What do these workers think about as they hurry along the furrows and under the blazing sun, or when they rest after the long workday? Most farm workers leave families and community behind to come and work in these distant fields; these people and places must often occupy their thoughts as the season wears on. If they are to be far from home for so much of the year, what do migrant workers think about their homes? How do they make a home here in the South, how does it compare to their distant home?  This past summer, SAF Interns and farmworkers collaborated to document personal stories and the meaning of home for those workers, both here in the South and in their community of origin.

Spanish and English with subtitles



Manos Sin Identidad, by Laura Valencia. Student at Wooster College in Ohio.

Harvesting Dreams, by Adriana Sanchez. Student at California State University - Fresno (recipient, First Annual Petrow-Freeman Documentary Award)

Un Hogar Lejano, by April Leanne Simon (SAF Intern) and Derek Anderson. Photographer and Documentarian