quien mato a la llamita blanca

Thursday, November 11, 7 pm.

Frank Family Science Center, Guilford College, Greensboro, NC


¿Quien mato a la llamita Blanca?/Who Killed the White Llama?

Rodrigo Bellot. (Bolivia, 2007) 112 min.


Jacinto and Domitila are two indigenous Bolivians, happily married… they are also the most notorious criminals in the country. When they are paid to transport 50kg of cocaine to the Brazilian border, they embark on a journey that will take them through the jungles, mountains, deserts and cities of Bolivia on a riotous adventure that will test their relationship and make them question their future as criminals. The man behind the smuggling operation, known as El Negro, is actually a blonde, blue-eyed American with a well-kept secret.  Both a celebration and a parody of Bolivian customs, countryside and culture, “Who Killed the White Llama?” is a boisterous comedy with a more serious message at its heart: When it comes to poverty, nothing is sacred. Despite the continuing criminal, political and economic scandals that plague the country, the racial divides and the drug-trafficking, the media story that really sweeps the nation concerns the accidental killing of a baby white llama.  Spanish with English subtitles.

Introduced by Alfonso Abad Amanchen, Foreign Languages Guilford College