Friday, November 12, 7 pm. John Hope Franklin Center, Room 240, Duke University, Durham, NC 

Short film:

Mapocho. Cristobal Zapata (Chile, 2009) 20 min.

A silent film on the path the Mapocho rives has from the glaciers in the Andes to its relationship with an industrial society, that is tinting it, polluting it, killing it. Finally, a dead river reaches the ocean.

Desde los Andes nace el primer racimo de gotas que da origen al Río Mapocho. Éste baja recorriendo surcos trazados por la mano del hombre, que lo tiñe, encajona, asfixia, disecciona hasta que finalmente logra llevar su cadáver al mar.

Pascua Lama. A contemporary quest for El Dorado

Carolina García, Gloria García. (Chile, 2007) 64 min.


“Pascua Lama: A Contemporary Quest for El Dorado” explores the complicated dynamics of the mining industry in Chile. Focusing on the mining project called Pascua Lama, being developed by the Canadian Barrick Gold Corporation in Northern Chile, this documentary dives into the reality of developing countries which, due to unwilling governments who lack long-term vision, sell their natural resources without considering sustainable development strategies for their communities, thus fostering a new model of colonization sponsored by the corporate developed world.  Spanish and English with English subtitles.
On the recent Chilean mining crisis: