images of decolonization

Friday, November 5, 4:30 pm.

Richard White Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC


Images of Decolonization: Rebel Shadows

Curated and introduced by guest director Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet

Total running Time: 89: 08 min.


Much’tal Jedz. Colectivo TURIX(2009)

> El Silencio Imperial: Una opera Xican@/ Imperial Silence:  A Chicana Opera,  Act I and Act II  (2008).

John Jota Leaños + Colectivo Burning Wagon (Chicano/USA) 21 min.

Act I Los ABCs: is a five-minute Xicano docu-animation cataloguing the real-life testimony of skeletons that have returned to tell their stories of life and death at war. Sing along with this group of animated Mariachi social documentarians who will guide you through a history that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder why. Deadtime Stories with Mariachi Goose and his Friends is Act II in the animated Xican@ Opera, 'Imperial Silence’. It chronicles the longest day of the year in Muertolandia where dead nursery rhyme characters converge to attend the Gran Solstice concert where the overnight sensation, Humpty Mariachi Dumpty, was to perform his hit huapango, “Quisiera Vivir” at the fundraiser for the Great Wall.

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> Lix cua rahro/Tus tortillas mi amor/Your tortillas my love (2004). Sandra Monterroso (Guatemala) 12:30.

A Mayan women sits at the table chewing ears of corn as she performs a ritual pronouncing Mayan proverbs and spitting the corn into a mixing bowl.

> Inventario de Sombra/Inventory of Shadows (2007). Joeser Alvarez (Brazil) 12:56 min.

Brazilian artists from Porto Velho paint their own shadows. Between performance, activism, and graffiti, the film-document refers to a way to be in the world today, the unhomely, the wandering, the dislocated.

> Roaming (2005). Nayda Collazo (Puerto Rico/USA) 5:18 min.

In Roaming we seem to travel though a web-like structure without any particular purpose or definite destination. It invites the viewer to visually navigate through a series of interconnected lines, not unlike the mental with its multiple hyperlink associations.

> Aguasmalas/ Bad Waters (2006). Patricia Villalobos (Nicaragua/USA) 6:20 min.

The single, isolated body drifts, unattached, at the edge of an unidentified coast, and is interspersed with footage from the 2007 presidential inauguration of Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua. Clips of the recent uprising in Managua following municipal elections, and the bombing of Iraq, serve to reframe locally occurring issues within a transnational context.

> Much’tal Jedz (2009). Colectivo TURIX (Mexico), 35 min.

Much’tal Jedz focuses on the movement for Mayan autonomy in the 1930s, an era when the “rebel” Mayans spiritually, politically, diplomatically, and militarily resisted the low intensity war waged against them by the Mexican Army and rural schools. This is a counter-hegemonic story that questions the nation-state’s relationship to indigenous cultures within the national territory and it’s pre-Columbian past.

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Saturday, November 6, 4:30 pm.                                                                                                          

Richard White Auditorium, Duke University, Durham, NC


Images of Decolonization: The Other Side of the Ocean

Curated and introduced by guest director Raul Moarquech Ferrera-Balanquet

Total running Time: 100 min


Do Outro Lado Do Rio/From the other side of the river.  Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil), 2004.

> Pasaje de las Bonitas @roma (2010). Elias Falla & Ilse Morfin (Mexico/Yucatan) 5:46 min.

Fragments of everyday life from the market Lucas de Galvez are intercut with drawings and special effects to show a unique representation of mestizaje and the social conditions of a landscape encompassing several historical times.

> La Huaychiva de Yaxcopoil/The Tale of Yaxcopoil (2008). Jose Luis García Pérez(Yucatan/Mexico) 6 min.

The result of an art and narrative workshop with Mayan youth in the town of Yaxcopoil, Yucatan. The animation tells the story of a woman who became a witch when her husband sleeps. Narrated by Jamin Novelo Montejo.

> Poporo (2006). Luis Cantillo (Colombia) 4 min.

A video animation exploring the complex cosmology of Colombian indigenous culture. Inspired by the collection of the Gold Museum in Bogotá.

> Candide (2005). Patricia Montoya (Colombia/USA) 13 min.

An experimental narrative video about lesbian love and emigrant longing performed on a rooftop in Tijuana. By superimposing memory and chance, theatricality and documentary, with the specificity of color, landscape, language and architecture the video builds contrasting impressionistic and expressionistic visual and aural representations of Tijuana and San Diego.

> Sabana de la Mar/Sea Shore (2003). Scherezade Garcia (Dominican Republic/USA) 4 min.

Interrogating migration out of the Caribbean, from the sea shores of the DR, Haitians and Afro Dominicans jump into the waters looking for a better life beyond the horizon.

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> Do Outro Lado Do Rio/From the other side of the river (2004). Lucas Bambozzi (Brazil) 89 min.

In a borderline ambiance, between Brazil and French Guyana, small stories reveal the state of discontent of several residents who see themselves, in an obsessive way, only beyond the borderline.