Saturday, November 13, 4 pm.

Holton Career and Resource Center Auditorium, City of Durham, Durham, NC


> Chigualeros

Alex Schlenker. (Ecuador, 2009) 80 min.

This is a documentary about the most famous and important salsa band from Ecuador, the Chigualeros. They have been playing since the 70’s. Through this film you will meet the members of this international orchestra and experience some of their exciting and rough moments, all while enjoying the salsa music produced in the Pacific Coast of Ecuador. Spanish with English subtitles.


> Arista Son

Libia Stella Gomez. (Colombia, 2008) 15 min.

Colombian folk music has in the chocoano (Afro-Colombian from the Pacific coast) Aristarco Perea (Arista Son) one of its greatest exponents. As a composer he has more than 340 letters that serve as a faithful testimony of Arista's or other people's experiences, all of them floods of feeling. In Arista Son we hear and see rhythms like Boleros, Merengues Sibaeños, Salsas Son and Merengues Abosaos. Spanish with English subtitles.