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Chest Freezer Energy Star

chest freezer energy star
    energy star
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chest freezer energy star - Summit CF07ES
Summit CF07ES 38 6.4 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer, Manual Defrost, Door Lock, Drain, Energy Star White
Summit CF07ES 38 6.4 cu. Ft. Chest Freezer, Manual Defrost, Door Lock, Drain, Energy Star White
Summit White Chest Freestanding Freezer CF07ES. Rated by the DOE to perform with more efficiency than standards require. 6.4 cu.ft. of capacity inside. Added protection for cold storage. Secure storage with a keyed lock on the lid. Allows the lid to remain opened when lifted to 90 Degrees. Wired basket for storage convenience. Manage the temperature with ease and accuracy. Static cooling system. Heavy duty rollers allow smooth mobility. Conveniently located on the unit's side. Use for optional separation and securing of items. Light on the lid for added convenience. Environmentally friendly design does not contain ozone-damaging chemicals. Height: 34. Width: 38. Depth: 24. Capacity: 6.4 cu.ft.. Energy Usage/Year: 214.0 kWh/year. US Electrical Safety: UL. Voltage/Frequency: 115 V AC/60 Hz. Door Swing: Lift-up. Defrost Type: Manual. Thermostat Type: Dial. Condenser Location: Side of Unit. Freon Type: R134a. Parts/Labor Warranty: 1 Year. Compressor Warranty: 5 Years. SUMMIT CF07ES is an ENERGY STAR listed chest freezer for trusted storage with continuous savings. This 38 wide chest freezer offers 6.4 c.f. of storage capacity inside an easy-to-clean manual defrost interior complete with an included wired basket. Safety features include counterbalanced hinges and a lock for added security. An adjustable thermostat provides easy temperature control and rollers add smooth mobility. With an energy efficient design, the CF07ES is a perfect choice for homes in need of value priced chest freezer for safe storage needs.

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A Dead Compressor
A Dead Compressor
Our refrigerator has been making funny noises for the last few months. I am meticulous about cleaning the coils and thought this was some sort of ice maker event. This week the compressor appears to have died and I was out in the yard at 7 AM building emergency food shelves in the battery dome to act as our temporary refrigeration unit. At this point we have to make a decision. Do we continue with our "Energy Star" 2000W per day fridge or do we start over with a modified chest freezer with a 200W per day load.
Energy Star Light Bulb
Energy Star Light Bulb
Switch all your light bulbs to these facinating Energy Star Rated ones!! I did.

chest freezer energy star