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4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers

4 wheel parts wholesalers
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4 wheel parts wholesalers - Ingersoll Rand
Ingersoll Rand 345MAX 5-Inch Air Angle Grinder
Ingersoll Rand 345MAX 5-Inch Air Angle Grinder
The Ingersoll Rand 3445MAX and 345MAX Series air angle grinders offers professional technicians an outstanding combination of value and performance, delivering impressive power and comfort. The NEW 3445MAX Series Angle Grinders Offer: -MAX Power: Featuring a mighty 0.88 horsepower motor (a 10pct increase over the original 3445). And, due to a reduction in the weight of the tool by a pound, this grinder has a best-in-class power-to-weight ratio. -MAX Comfort: You will experience MAX Comfort in the grip through the re-designed handle and with an overall tool weight coming in at only 3.5 lbs.

85% (7)
John Hall Tools Ltd
John Hall Tools Ltd
Article Published in the Illustrated Bristol News 1962. THE HISTORY OF THE GROWTH OF the John Hall Group of companies is a story of steady expansion following on the initial struggle of a determined man to make good despite early difficulties and lack of money. The late Mr. John Hall, the son of a saddler, was born and bred in Derbyshire. After leaving Ashbourne School, he was apprenticed to a local ironmonger. Owing to poor health the family doctor advised him to emigrate to Australia. After working for some time as representative for a Portsmouth tool dealer at a salary of 17/-a week, he went to Australia where among other jobs he worked in a hardware shop and on a sheep ranch. Four years later he was unlucky enough to lose his savings of ?100 when the Bank of Victoria suspended payments. After this disappointment he returned to England and obtained a position in an ironmongers shop in Cardiff. He quickly realised that there was room for a Tool Dealers business in that city. In 1894, he opened a shop with a capital of ?250. Competition was intense and many goods were sold under cost. There was a real danger of failure, so he prepared a line of retreat by opening a branch in Newport, where he went to live with his newly-wed bride. This venture proved successful and soon there was also a branch in Swansea, and, in 1923, a branch in Bristol, where his wife had lived with two aunts. In 1923 also, the Company of John Hall (Tools) Limited was formed with a nominal capital of ?20,000. The original Bristol premises were at 4 Bridge Street, an old building with interesting Dutch tiled fireplaces in the upstairs rooms and an iron studded door leading to arched cellars under the road. In June, 1926, the eldest daughter, Miss M. C. Hall, who had been Secretary of the Company and worked at the Bristol branch, left to marry Mr. Hugh Millar, the now well known watch, clock and jewellery wholesaler. She is now an active member of Bristol’s Inner Wheel. When Mr. John Hall died in 1937 at the age of 73, it could indeed be said that, with a further branch in Birmingham, he had succeeded in his ambition to become one of the leading Tool Dealers in the West of England and South Wales. Three Sons Clifford, John and Ralph were all engaged in the business at the time of his death and between them took over the management. The type of trade was changing, sales to factories and Industrial users were becoming increasingly more important than the retail side. With the coming of World War II, the business became a more vital one as the prompt supply of tools urgently needed for producing weapons was essential, and the John Hall Company did their best to meet the ever increasing demand. In the November, 1940 blitz on Bristol, the Bridge Street premises were totally destroyed and the valuable stocks were lost. Temporary accommodation for the industrial side was obtained in Lawrence Hill and a retail shop opened at 3 St. Augustines Parade. The move into the present address at 7 Broad Quay, in the City Centre, was made in 1944 and soon afterwards owing to expiration of lease the St. Augustines Parade shop was transferred to 106 Redcliffe Hill. This branch was recently closed when the premises were demolished to make way for the Redcliffe Hill Improvement Scheme. Mr. S. T. Bowden was in charge of the Bristol shop from 1924 until his death in July, 1959 and had much to do with the building up of this business. He was a director of the Company for over twenty years. He has been succeeded by Mr. T. C. G. Fithyan, who started with the Company in 1934, assisted by Mr. P. C. G. Kingston. Since’ the War progress has continued but instead of opening new branches the Firm has tended to buy and develop small existing businesses. The first of these was in Rugby, bought in 1947, but after striving to make the business grow, it was decided that Rugby was too small to support it and it was transferred to Leicester. In 1954, another Engineering Distributors business was purchased, this time in Manchester, and three years later the Company acquired its present headquarters in Churchill Way, Cardiff. In 1959 a number of developments took place. While negotiations were going on for the purchase of a retail tool business in Kingsmead Square, Bath, formerly known as W. Paisey, an ironmongery business, which had been established for 59 years, was being closed in Coventry and the Company seized the opportunity to buy their tool stocks and premises. In June, the branch was opened in Bath and one week later the premises at Coventry. The shop at Bath is the Company’s smallest retail shop, but probably the most attractive, the Manager being Mr. D. T. Bartram. In 1960 a former flour mill in Wimborne, Dorset, was acquired and stocked as a warehouse for customers on the South Coast, but the real achievement in that year was the purchase of a business in London, which has already taken its place as the second largest branch. The Company new has branch
Electrical Wholesalers, Knoxville, TN
Electrical Wholesalers, Knoxville, TN
Electricl Wholesalers, 706 North Central Street, Knoxville, Tennessee. They have a nice red sign and the tubing looks intact!

4 wheel parts wholesalers
4 wheel parts wholesalers
Fellowes Premium CPU Stand
General Information
Manufacturer: Fellowes
Manufacturer Part Number: 91781
Product Name: Premium CPU Stand
Marketing Information:
Saves desk space by storing CPU under or beside desk.Adjusts from 6" (152 mm) to 9" (229 mm) to accommodate virtually all CPUs.Constructed of solid steel with padding to protect and cushion CPU.Four casters provide easy mobility for cleaning and accessing rear cables.Two locking casters ensure stability.

Physical Characteristics
Dimensions: 9.5" Height x 8" Width x 9" Depth
Recycled: No
Recycled Content: 0%
Post-consumer-waste%: 0%
Country of Origin: China

Brand Name: Fellowes
Product Type: CPU Stand

Casters: 4

Color: Platinum
Material: Plastic