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About Us


The beginnings of our camp formed in November 2011 when four members of the Pvt. John S. Bird, Jr - Palmetto Guard Camp #38 (North Charleston) started talking about spreading the SCV to Goose Creek. As these talks progressed over the next few months, it was discovered that Goose Creek had a lot more Confederate history than was originally known. Excitement about the new camp grew and plans for the new camp began to evolve. In early December 2011, intentions to form a new camp in Goose Creek was formally announced to the 10th Brigade and the South Carolina Division, SCV. Immediately, several new membership applications were submitted, as well as member transfers from other nearby camps. The prospective officers of the forming camp also gained the support and friendship of Mayor Michael Heitzler of the City of Goose Creek. By mid -March 2012, the forming camp had 15 dedicated
members, with at least six more showing strong interest. We officially became Camp #2222 in early April 2012 with new members, inactive members coming back, and transfers being processed. We were off to a great start. Since that time PMR has won several awards, to include Camp of the Year at the Division and National levels.  Our members have also been honored at the Division and National levels on several occasions.