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Vintage Bird Decor

vintage bird decor
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Vintage Bird Cage with Coolie Clips
Vintage Bird Cage with Coolie Clips
This charming vintage bird cage, made of wire and metal, has three cast iron clips in the shape of men wearing coolie hats (Asian conical straw hats). The clips are on springs and fasten the top of the cage to the bottom for easy cleaning. The cage has a sloping roof with an ornate cast iron piece at the top. It also has two glass Art Deco style feeder or water cups, marked Made in USA.
Porcelain Hand Painted Vintage Bird Planter
Porcelain Hand Painted Vintage Bird Planter
This is such a beautiful little find, a little vintage bird themed planter that was made in Japan, hand painted and looking very nice for it's age. It is 3 inches tall 7 inches wide and approximately 4 inches deep. In very good condition there are no major chips, cracks or blemishes, just some light crackling on the surface from age.

vintage bird decor
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