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Rooms Decoration Games

rooms decoration games
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Christmas Decorations '08 - Bookshelf
Christmas Decorations '08 - Bookshelf
A photo of my festified gaming room, circa 2008. From JiliK's Blog: "First up is this finely-crafted, flat-pack bookshelf, which plays host to my (boxed) game collection circa January 2009, two Halloween figures still full of candy from 2007, some VHS tapes, The Bible Part 3 and an old copy of Arcade I'd bought on eBay earlier in the month. What better way to enhance this fine collection of stuff than by Sellotaping a set of LED lights to it?"
Game Room 2011 - Seating
Game Room 2011 - Seating
I like the lighter colored mattress on the futon, it replaced the dark green one. I do plan on buying a gray cover for it, as well as some red and gray pillows to supplement A'Tuin the Futon Turtle.

rooms decoration games
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