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    How Can I Support CUSD220 Teachers?

    How Can I Support CUSD220 Teachers?

    The Board of Education and the BEA Bargaining Team have been in contract
    negotiations since March, 2012. In October, the members of the Barrington Education
    Association let the Board of Education know they supported their negotiating team by
    passing an authorization to strike. Teachers have also been showing their support by
    wearing black on negotiating days, wearing BEA shirts on Fridays and walking in and
    out of school en masse one day a week while adhering to contract hours. Teachers
    have remained dedicated to their students while negotiations take place.

    As negotiations continue, the school board needs to be reminded that parents
    and community members want this contract to be settled. The following is a list of
    suggestions about how you can help.

    • Attend a School Board meeting wearing black (to acknowledge that the District
    is in the "black" or financially sound) to support teachers in their pursuit of a
    contract that is fair. (link to dates)

    • Send an email to school board members urging them to expedite negotiations
    and asking them to reflect the generous growth of the budget reserve in a fair
    contract for teachers. A fair contract can be obtained without jeopardizing the
    finances of the district. (link to board members email addresses)

    • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in support of a fair contract for

    • Request a “We Support Barrington Teachers” yard sign. (link to request a sign)

    We appreciate your support as we strive to negotiate a fair contract.