Doctopus, Goobric & More Scripts

Are you … Sharing, Collecting, Monitoring, & Grading Google Docs?  Do you plan to?

Teachers face some logistical issues when utilizing Google Docs with students. 
Lucky for us, a resourceful script programmer wrote a Google Spreadsheet script just for us called Doctopus and a Chrome extension called Goobric. Together these tools allow easy use with students.

What is Scripting?
  • Telling the computer what to do through software programming. 
  • The scripts help automate tasks. 
  • A Google Script is a program that is individually added to Google Apps at your discretion.
  • Start with a Google Doc template (note sheet, pre-writing guide, blank document with a rubric, etc.)
  • Doctopus will generate a copy of the template for each student.
  • Teacher owns doc and can monitor progress
  • Additionally grading can be done using Goobric (see below)
  • When finished, give students ownership of the documents
  • Create a rubric in Google Spreadsheets
  • The rubric and your comments are added to the document AND the Doctopus spreadsheet
  • Create folders for each student, for a teacher, or a whole school
  • Creators - Bjorn Behrendt @edlisten & Andrew Stillman @astillman
  • gClassFolders Script (screencast) by Ryan Birch
  • Create a quiz and test with instant feedback
  • Use a spreadsheet to create, manage, and assess student Sites pages
  • Creators Bjorn Behrendt @edlisten & Andrew Stillman @astillman

ChallengePartner up and run a script!