Sustaining faith in challenging times

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Good news. I'm retired! After a year of getting my youngest child out of high school and into college, I am seeking a half-time position in the church.

You can find some of my church writing -- sermons and parish things from St. David's --at  The Community Parson.

See you there, in cyber-space - find me on Facebook -- or still living here, in DeWitt!

"The Pearl of Great Price" is one of those parables of the commonwealth of heaven that is a wedge, that pries open a difficult world and gives of a glimpse of how God wants us to be. Last summer,  same-sex marriages became legal in New York State, one of the "pearls" is the enlarged view of marriage and family life this now offers us. Thanks be to God.
Recent editions/additions

  • MISSION starts with our core values: just who is God calling us to BE and to DO?
    Be transformed -- don't just settle
    Be engaged -- in mission development
    Take risks -- even during economic uncertainty, this is the time to invest in the church

  • After MISSION comes STEWARDSHIP. Parishes ARE very anxious about stewardship and growth. If it is more blessed to give than to receive, just how do we inspire people to share in those blessings?