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2001, XXVII Annual Jean Gebser Conference,
Worldly Expressions of the Integral, Concreteness in Integral Worlds,

1998 Ljubljana Science Festival - IS'98, David Bohm Dialogues and  WORK-PLACES OF MIND,

Creating, Blending, Concerting, and Sharing , Global Workplaces of the Mind, Symbol Grounding in the Cognitive Panorama (3Space/Time)

, Aizu, Japan,
Computation for Metaphors, Analogy and Agents,
Sharing and Changing Realities with Extra Degrees of Freedom of Movement,

1997, UNESCO - Club of Budapest, Members Meeting, Paris, Positions and Identities in Global Contexts: Awareness of Self and Others with  me, you, we, they and "others" models,

1997 Tenth Scientific and Medical Network Continental Members’ Meeting and The Club of Budapest Members Meeting, 17.- 19. October 1997  Budapest
BEING - FEELING - THINKING - HEALING, Self-Models, Paradigms and Extension System, ...embodying concepts and mental models, challenging the mind’s eye - sharing concepts in a framework of being,

Tenth Scientific and Medical Network Continental Members’ Meeting,
The Club of Budapest, 17.- 19. October 1997  Budapest

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