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another big story, will work on it, maybe start here:
check this on Alexander N Christakis for more: or:  including the REPORT DRAFT: THE PREDICAMENT OF MANKIND
PLEASE ALSO SEE this 30 Year Retrospective on the Predicament of Mankind:

An interview with Aleco Christakis from the end of November 2009 is available which revisits the early days of the Club and what it means today, 40 years later !
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Christakis by-the-way was with Planners like Doxiadis and Ozbekahn were such wholistic and and at the same time "concrete" pragmatic and also academic scholars, that I feel I that they should be included here, and others, like Alfred Schinz and Otto Schärli should be revisited as well.
I included DOXIADIS in this WIKIPEDIA entry and feel that such WHOLISTIC and HOLISTIC Thinking from People like Smuts, Siu, and Gebser needs to be revisited as well to meet the Challenges layed out by the CLUB OF ROME and the drive towards a NEW GLOBAL AGORA - 21st Century Agora.

A NOTE ON QUALITY AND CO-LABORATION  (needs to move elsewhere)

when making in the early days of the WIKIPEDIA entries to names like SIU, CHRISTAKIS, SMUTS,.... I ran into the DELETION MOBS of the WIKIPEDIA Encyclopedia.  I had discussed with Jimmy Wales before the Wikipedia Foundation took off in Berlin (CHAOS DAYS) and later with LARRY SANGER (also in Berlin) his concepts of the Constizens CONSTAPELERS - **** and so had been hopeful that in the internet entry would be colaboratively improved and would reach through what they now call crowdsourcing another level of quality and depth. The story so far goes that personal have a final proof-reading editor and so mayn other central terms. The Constitency **** on the other hand finds editrorial expertise first ! both strategies should be carefully monitored as there is a lot of hype around crowdsourcing nowadays, forgetting the collegues of Christakis (John Warfield) long ago layed out the problems of clanthink and groupthink.

I myself was as a VANITY (I had to look up the word) and my entry was deleted from the WIKIPEDIA long ago (all records deleted) (will send Jimmy Wales this page today) and this happened to many people who are not just in one "field", but the need is to develop T-intelligences, qualifications and competences or we call it now GESTALTUNGS COMPETENCES which include the specialists and generalists expertise from many fields - and link them up jointly and practically !
I recommend this page by Anthony Judge, as he was like Ralph G.H SIU deleted by the "mob", and I also remember Aleco Christakis comment when he was "deleted" in the first couple of efforts. maybe see:

Abusive Wikipedia Biographical Editorial Process - a case study in problematic alternative forms of governance?

I had stared with Willis Harman the Berlin IONS-Co-Lab in 1996-7 and had been very naiive about how much people are able and willing to co-operate as they just see their turf and their ego. more on turfs, turns and me, you they & others models (UNESCO Paris, Club of Budapest) 1997 later.....
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