order challenge

How to organise / structure and  find / share
what we know about us, the world, and the in-between!




My challenge is to connect and transcend sectors, categories, sign-systems, and scale and be helpful, do something that matters towards mount survival and awareness. See also expanding comapssion and reducing the infliction of suffering.

 In roundtables I sometimes ask for concerns and offers people want to share, but I also “played” what is “your favourite animal or “plant” in a circle. Very effective to fast and deeply learn about others and “other, new” concern was to have people introduce themselves by concretely presenting what they have done and actually and concretely  do & plan in these fields, and where they see sectors connecting. Here my examples as a teaser, but I must confess it is hard to shop real life actions into one  sector and feel many aspects and perspectives are not fitting.


BePart           -           Whole

Decide (a) (b)  -     Govern (a)

          Dialog     -     Community

Engage       -     Protest

Info               -     Educate

Social             -     Innovate


Matters of Consequences,

Chapter: Doing what needs to be done.

Please also take note of the footnote, and download the book !! from Cop.

You can also use more sectors:

Try to think about your real contributions and work also in the fields below:


(I will add mine later)



WOVA: Woman of Vision and Action

Peace & Security:
At Home & in the World
Conflict Resolution: Moving from Conflict to Compassion
Peace Making: Peace Keeping
Cooperative Security
Military Conversion
Attaining Inner Peace

The Next Generation
Listening to and Incorporating Youthful Perspectives
and Energy into Global Problem Solving
Developing Young Women's Forums
Creating Intergenerational Relations
Mentoring our Youth

For a New World
Whole Systems Approach to Education
Educational Technologies for Self and Social Transformation
Using Community Resources as an Alternative to Compulsory Education
Progressive Trends
Life-long Learning

Science & Technology:
The Leading Edge
Communication Information Technologies
Bio-Engineering & the Future of Life
Sustainable Technologies
Cooperative Conversion from Earth

Business & Economics:
Emerging Paradigms
Integrating Spiritual & Economic Values
Finding Life's Purpose in the Workplace
Building Sustainable Infra-structures

Governance & Law:
Spiritual Values, Ethics & Government
Policy Making: Reflecting Our Common Humanity
Human Values, Human Rights, Social Justice
Global & Self Governance
to Space

For Social Change
Redefining Socially Responsible Media
Addressing Violence in the Media
Positive News Reporting
Empowering the Viewer

Restoring Earth's Environment
Inter-Relationship of Nature & Spirituality
Environmental Education & Technologies
Aligning with the Laws of Nature

The Arts:
The Role of Culture in a Multi-Cultural World
Art as a Bridge Between People & Nations
Artistic Expression as a Way of "Being"
Bringing Creativity into Every Aspect of Our Lives
Healing Through the Arts


Please see how thes “flat”  pie diagrams went with BMH into Peace Room and SYNCONS, and towards Conscious Evolution, and an “New Agora”.              Please see: http://21stcenturyagora.org/


Center for Conscious Evolution 

add: LINK to SYNCONS and the Millennium Project


Multi-modal bridging between “orders”: first systems of chemical elemements as developped in the past (thanks to Antony Judge) 

and  second Figure from the cartographer of Consciousness (OMNI Magazine) both figures (2 and 6) can be found here:

Computation for Metaphors, Analogy, Imitation & Embodiment, and Agents


To address the subtle differences between meanings and values more has to be done than just contextualise and find common frames of references to negotiate unity in diversity. I propose to check out this recent research and project proposal and see these “stumbling blocks” to be addressed in inter-cultural, multi-lingual mediation and dialog and deliberation contexts:

Transcultural Dialog and Peace-Making: Stumbling blocks preventing true dialog, peace-making, and reconciliation:

1) we fight over words but do not check the meaning,

2) we do not question and compare the values attached to statements and attitudes,

3) we do not contextualize and embody concepts and meaning, do not check the sectors, regions, scales, proportions and consequences of alternative actions,

4) we do not give voice, empower, listen, cherish and cultivate difference or variety in dialog and decision making,

5) Disorientation and dumbing-down in Cyberculture and a misadministered and misunderstood, intangible  “Globalisation”: Where we get overloaded by communication noise (sign/symbol melange) and media demagogy which means: no trust and fidelity in the statements and no ways and means to check the credibility and impact/relevance, and get lost between the scales, brackets, and sectors.

6) The above incompatibility and incomparability opens the door for over-claims and oversimplifications. Leaders use intangible jargon (plastic-words), neglect impacts and avoid instead of exploring differences and alternatives.

 INTERN NOTES: to be done:  Add: Anthony Judge and Categories  into lattices  &  by polarity & other”wise”   Add: 9-d.org and Aizu:  see also Trans and Session Dialog&Learning  Add: Supersigns & superstructures & Order and Generalizations  Add: Covenant  Add: Competences and Capacities  and Orientation and Order Slides

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