History of this site

it began for the author and "owner" with the AGORA exercises around the IFSR in the mid/late 90ies, the ASILOMAR meetings, and before with the work on forms and formats of participation, dialog and governance and policy making, virtual reality and public spaces. I recommend to check http://21stcenturyagora.org/ and this gravel-pit: https://sites.google.com/site/21stcenturyagora/sandbox-agora Please come back !! as I need some time for an "orderly" approach ! and check http://open-forum.de
I feel we need to put this all together one day. 
In 2002 Alexander Christakis, whom I heard about first around ISM and John Warfield, started his GLOBAL AGORAs group he called "21stCenturyAgora" as he met with the California ISSS bunch and I had the chance to meet him in Crete in 2005 !??? ***
In parallel in "Austrians" in 2003 published: Studienbuch Informatik und Gesellschaft Christian Fuchs, Wolfgang Hofkirchner - excerpt: ...To that end, we propose to reinvent the public sphere as an assemblage of "New Agoras" that exist both face-to-face and in cyberspace. ...
and Farah joined was part of the Fuschl AGORA group: 

New Agoras for the 21st Century:  Conscious Self-Guided Evolution, Cultivating Dialogue with Magic Round Tables & IFSR 1998 Asilomar, ISSS and Fuschl 2002 and 2004, Team 1, New Agoras   see synopsis

So here the early synopsis on what the scope and vison for the AGORA exercise was in 2001:

The agoras of ancient Greek city states were “public spheres” where true democracy was lived each day by citizens who made collective decisions about issues affecting their lives. Inspired by their story, we have initiated a project to bring about a vision of a purer democracy that may now be possible in the information age. To that end, we propose to reinvent the public sphere as an assemblage of "New Agoras" that exist both face-to-face and in cyberspace.

The social contexts of the New Agoras are the families, neighborhoods, community groups, and organizations within which we live and work. Operating as a New Agora, individuals in these these contexts organize themselves as evolutionary design communities and collectively envision their ideal futures. Then, they design evolutionary guidance systems that can steer them toward those futures. Ultimately, these specific local agoras will be able to join together in a virtual agora on The Web and facilitate the guided evolution of society.

This website serves a rudimentary information system and knowledge base for the New Agoras. It provides a public display area for research about evolutionary inquiry, resources for evolutionary learning, and the exploratoin of approaches, methods, and technologies toward the establishment of New Agoras for the 21st Century. This website also provides password-protected collaborative work spaces for steward teams and local agoras.

In 2001 We had set out to create a website with the above towering quest:  (lots of work still hopefully on a good way) I recommend here also my DIALOG and SYSTEMS link-lists: http://benking.de/dialog/ and http://benking.de/systems/

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