Quare is hosting a series of artists at Spitalfields City Farm every Sunday 1st - 29th September

Thorbjørn Andersen - Sunday 1 Sept
Atmospheric installation utilising soundscapes and paintings that will allow the visitor to travel for a moment to new land. 

Kirsty Tinkler - 'Mobile History' - Sunday 8 Sept 

Kirsty Tinkler presents ‘Mobile History’, the second instalment in her ‘An Act in Parts’ series. Working with a range of Classical architectural motifs the series aims to transform existing sites and structures with the pervasive language of Western Culture. The motifs are made in reinforced latex panels, assembled to accommodate different sites, then cut, recycled and reassembled for the next. The panels are punctured with eyelets accommodating rope as the binding element between the structures and soft sculpture. Part II takes the portable Gazebo and envelops the entire structure in a second skin.

O Malandro Goes To The Farm - Sunday 8 Sept

Simon Foxall 
Kate Groobey 
Julia Hayes 
Nick Nowicki 
Nicholas Pankhurst 
Leonora Robinson
Avis Underwood 
Paul Westcombe

O Malandro Goes To The Farm is the first in a series of shows curated by O Malandro.

O Malandro is a trickster, a frequently devious character, who lies, cheats and steals to get what he wants. But despite his rather negative and, sometimes, villainous attitude, O Malandro often is depicted as the hero. This is because, in contrast to his methods, he doesn't use his cunningness for true harm or malice, but rather to prevail against the adversity that surrounds him, his actions often having positive, if unintended, effects on others, making him a loveable rogue.

Alexander Costello Artist Vs Drawing Sunday 15 Sept

Artist Vs Drawing is a series of existential investigations into mark making and drawing in its simplest form. 
For Gazebo, Costello will seek to encourage members of the public to engage and confront the simple activities that define the work as a means to equally define themselves.

Fran Cottell and Kristina Page - little shadow - Sunday 22 Sept

Gazebo Architecture: a functional choreography.
A series of performance  ‘works’  

Performers are invited to join in at 3pm (no specific skills required)

Quare offsite at Spitalfields City Farm Eco-Chic Market 12pm - 6pm every Sunday during September 2013


Spitalfields City Farm

Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street, London E1 5AR