Some of my favorite Digital Storytelling Tools
Name URL Description
Blabberize Create talking pictures with moving mouths
Voki Create a talking advatar to tell a story in 30 seconds or 90 in the classroom version
ToonTastic A storytelling/animation tool for the iPad        

Audioboo tool for recording and sharing audio clips.
Kaizena Add comments to Google docs
Twisted Wave audio editor
Ujam  Record your own music or rejam a template
Vocaroo online
Little Bird Tales Create a digital story with drawings or pictures and your voice. Easy for beginners
Zooburst Easily create your own 3D pop-up books.
Storyjumper Another great place to create a book.

Bubblr  create comic strips using photos from
Cartoonist online tool to create cartoons or personal digital stories, with professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text. From Creaza Education.

Make Beliefs Comix your own comix--fast and easy.
ToonDoo Fast way to create cartoons
Free Play Music and royalty free music to use in presentations
Fodey a newspaper headline and short article.
Canva posters, FaceBook covers, blog graphics and more
Glogster Edu Create online posters that include text, videos, pictures, and more
Smorehttps://www.smore.comCreate a poster or flyer online
Capzles "Time captured." Create a  picture slideshow with your pictures & music
Haiku Deck Incorporate your pictures into a slide show quickly 
Photopeach Create a slideshow with music and text and even add a quiz!
Prezi Make a presentation that "zooms."
Slideroll Create a picture slide show
Storybird Storybird reverses the process of visual storytelling by starting with the image and "unlocking" the story inside. Choose an artist or a theme, get inspired, and start writing.
Voicethread  "collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways - using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam)."
Photo Story 3  (On Windows computer) Create a story on PC with "Ken Burns" type pan & zoom
PresentMe     Easy way to use and share presentations
Animoto Create slideshow video with your pictures & videos and your music or theirs
Authorstream Convert PowerPoint slideshows to video
Flixtime Create a slideshow video similar to Animoto
Jellycam  Create a stop-motion movie using your webcam
Stroome Online Video editing and collaborating
iMovie (on Mac computer) Create and edit movies on your Mac computer        
Windows Movie Maker  (on PC computer) Create and edit movies on your Windows computer
WeVideo   Create a video in the cloud
Aviary Tools Image editor,  screen capture, vector editor, effects editor, music creator,  audio editor, image markup, and swatch editor
Wallwisher Online bulletin board to share messages
Wordle Create word clouds to tell a story
Capzles Great site for putting it all together
Popplet Collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects.

Create a personal dashboard.  Read your documents, see your bookmarks, view your photos, and watch your videos right in your dashboard.