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Neil Young Heart Of Gold Video

neil young heart of gold video
    young heart
  • Young Heart is the 2005 debut album by English singer Kerry Norton. It is an album of jazz and soul covers.
  • (Young Hearts) Young Hearts is a compilation album by the Steve Miller Band released in September 2003 by Capitol Records.
  • (Young Hearts (film)) Young Hearts or Jonge Harten is a 1936 Dutch film directed by Charles Huguenot van der Linden.
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  • The system of recording, reproducing, or broadcasting moving visual images on or from videotape
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  • Neil is a masculine given name of Gaelic origin. The name is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic Niall which is of disputed origin and meaning. The Gaelic name possibly means "cloud", "passionate", or "champion". The Gaelic name was also adopted by the Norse, taking the form Njal (see Nigel).
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neil young heart of gold video - Neil Young
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
Neil Young - Heart of Gold
Academy-award winning director Jonathan Demme beautifully captures Rock & Roll Hall of Fame legend, Neil Young as he prepares and presents the performance of a lifetime with the help of his wife Peggi and friends country star Emmylou Harris, steel guitarist Ben Keith and more at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry.

"I just want to play well, share the stage with my friends, give the best I can," says Neil Young before the concert that is the centerpiece of Heart of Gold. No problem, dude. Working with filmmaker Jonathan Demme, Young has come up with a gem--not all flash and bling-bling, but as understated as a single pearl, musically restrained yet emotionally open. Of course, neither Demme (an Oscar winner for The Silence of the Lambs; he also helmed Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense) nor Young would call it "a concert film"; the director describes it as "a dream concert, something that's literally being dreamt by Neil," while the singer-songwriter himself calls it "a multi-level story." Whatever, the project came together in 2005, as Young was finishing his Prairie Wind album (the latest in a string of lovely, country-flavored acoustic recordings dating back to 1972's Harvest) and preparing to debut the music at Nashville's fabled Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry. The fact that Young had also recently experienced a brain aneurysm might or might not have influenced his decision to film the show, but it certainly seems to have had an effect on the music. He and his band (which, with the addition of horns, strings, and backup singers, including Emmylou Harris, occasionally numbers forty or more musicians) perform Prairie Wind in its entirety, and there is some deeply moving, highly personal material here; in addition to the gospel-tinged "When God Made Me" and the dirge-like "No Wonder," Young sings about his recently-deceased father (the title song), his newly adult daughter ("Here for You"), the guitar he plays that once belonged to Hank Williams ("This Old Guitar"), and even his dog ("He Was the King"). Demme's direction is ideal for conveying the music's restrained acoustic textures, rich backing vocals, and simple, elegant melodies. Shots are held much longer than is usual in such films, and while there are lots of close-ups, there are no gimmicks. This superb DVD package is filled out by a second disc of bonus features, including a variety of featurettes and a solo performance of "The Needle and the Damage Done" from The Johnny Cash Show in 1971. --Sam Graham

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Young@Heart Chorus - Newport 2008
Young@Heart Chorus - Newport 2008
The Young@Heart Chorus at the Newport Folk Festival. A choral group of seniors from Northampton MA doing extraordinary covers of contemporary music (i.e. Coldplay.) Phenomenal. I had to lighten up the woman in the middle; she is quite photogenic. The music, of course, was extraordinary and moving.
18 ??-??? Old Lady Young Heart 1 (??Young view)
18 ??-???  Old Lady Young Heart 1 (??Young view)
??-??? Old Lady Young Heart 7"X9" As you rotate the sculpture the figure change from young to mid-age to old age lady form.

neil young heart of gold video
neil young heart of gold video
Greatest Hits
His first ever CD greatest-hits collection, Neil Young's Greatest Hits is a long-awaited retrospective from one of rock's most influential and enduring singer-songwriters. With 16 selections spanning his entire career since 1969, Greatest Hits features some of the greatest hits of rock'n'roll, period.

One question would be: What took him so long? After all, a contemporary like Van Morrison has sold boatloads of his single-disc best-of set to buyers wary of diving into that deep catalog without a primer to get them started. So three and a half decades into his solo career, Neil Young finally delivers his version of that most modest of albums--the pre-holiday "hits" overview. What's surprising, coming from such a proud maverick, is its conventionality. Granted, the original master mixes are a boon for fans, but otherwise, there's not much here for loyalists who quite likely already possess the original "Like a Hurricane" on a couple of albums, as well as a handful of live interpretations scanning the years. Since Young cracked the Top 10 only once (1972's "Heart of Gold"), this set is built around concert staples as "Cinnamon Girl," "Rockin' in the Free World," and "Hey, Hey, My My" rather than chart favorites. Despite Young's honorable standing as a still-vital graybeard, the disc is skewed heavily toward his early work, shortchanging some mighty productive recent years. Peripheral fans may find this set of interest, but faithful followers are better advised to investigate the DVD version, which, at least, includes videos, photos, lyrics, and Web links. --Steven Stolder

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