Gold Heart Necklace From Love Actually

gold heart necklace from love actually
    love actually
  • Love Actually is a 2003 romantic comedy film written and directed by Richard Curtis. The screenplay delves into different aspects of love as shown through ten separate stories involving a wide variety of individuals, many of whom are shown to be interlinked as their tales progress.
  • (directed by Richard Curtis, 2003)
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gold heart necklace from love actually - 10k White
10k White Gold Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI3-I1, 0.25 carat)
10k White Gold Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI3-I1, 0.25 carat)
10k White Gold Heart Diamond Pendant Necklace (HI, SI-I, 0.25 carat)

This romantic and trending Heart-Shaped Diamond Pendant is gorgeously rendered in 10k gold and studded with sparkling icy white diamonds. It dangles beautifully from a gold chain. Heart is a symbol of love and joy. A classical and charming Heart Diamond Pendant is the best jewelry for all occasions and outfits. Nothing can be lovely than this beautiful heart diamond pendant.

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Remind Me of What I Loved
Remind Me of What I Loved
See Only of my many mottos. When we look at life through eyes of love, the world is such a beautiful place. Blessings to my friends...may you experience many opportunities to create memories of love that you can keep close to your heart. Textures courtesy of JoesSistah Remind Me of What I Loved Recently, a friend shared this story that she had read. I was touched by it's powerful message about what matters most in life. Warning: You may need a tissue handy! Remind Me of What I Loved by Caroline Myss While on my recent book tour for Defy Gravity , I had lunch at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia. Seated at the next table were a mother and daughter. I learned through the fine art of eavesdropping that the daughter had taken her mother out for lunch to celebrate her 92nd birthday. Even though the mother was all dressed up, she still reminded me of a lovely little hummingbird, so tiny and fragile. As is the case with most people in their 90s, they no longer initiate conversation. So it was her daughter who did most of the talking, and since the daughter and I were practically seated back-to-back, it was impossible not to hear her as she reminisced about people who had once filled their lives. "Well, those people were bad news, Mom. They weren't really that nice to you," said the daughter. "Oh, I don't remember that," was the mother's response as she kept her eyes on her lunch, reorganizing her salad with her fork. The subject changed to the mother's sister, and though I couldn't hear the details (as I really wasn't eavesdropping in full gear—yet), I then heard the daughter say: "It's true. Your sister was no angel." Hearing that comment, I glanced over at the mother to see her response. "Funny, but I can't recall those things," said the lovely birthday hummingbird as she kept her eyes focused on her lunch. Her daughter then shifted the conversation to memories of her mother's marriage to her father. Though I could not hear most of the specifics, it just happened that I heard her say: "Oh, Mom, I could tell you stories about Dad, believe me. You had a rough time with him." "I did?" the mom replied, never revealing her eyes. "I don't remember." "You sure did." And just as the daughter began to elaborate on those difficult times, this little hummingbird of a mother put down her fork and made direct eye contact with her daughter. With the most gentle smile on her face, she said: "I don't want to remember those things anymore, Ann. Remind me, now, of what I loved. Remind me of what I loved about your father. I only want to be reminded of love." That line not only drew the breath out of her daughter; it completely captivated my attention. I sat perfectly still. I could actually feel the impact that request had upon the daughter's heart. The mother had shot an arrow directly into the bitter wounds that were obviously possessing her daughter. Now my eavesdropping on their intimate conversation was deliberate. I had to hear the daughter's response. I had to watch her face as she grappled with her mother's request to utilize her heart as a means to access memories of love she herself could no longer recall. It was obvious the daughter wanted to refuse her mother's request, but how could she? This was her mother's 92nd birthday. Saying no was not an option. I even found an excuse to adjust my chair so that I could observe the daughter's expressions as she psychically allowed her mother's well-worn heart to board her shattered heart in order to travel back in time. Sojourning into memories in search of love instead of pain was not something the daughter had anticipated. Love, after all, is the most healing of graces. She took a deep breath and with a much softer voice, she said, "Well, Mom," then in a much softer tone of voice, "you loved the way Dad used to tease you." "I did?" the mother asked. "Yes, you did. And he always gave you roses on your birthday, Mom. Today Dad would have given you a lovely bouquet of roses because you love roses," the daughter said. "Oh," said the mother, her smile becoming more illuminated. "I think I remember that." "And you know that heart [necklace] you always wear, the one around your neck right now? Well, Dad surprised you with that on your 25th wedding anniversary," the daughter said. The mother reached for the small gold heart around her neck, touching it gently with her fingers. "No wonder I never want to take this off," she said. Then, this exquisite little hummingbird of a mother noticed her daughter was wiping away tears from her eyes. She reached across the table for her daughter's hand and said, "Honey, don't wait until you're my age to have to ask someone else to remind you of what you loved in your life. Be wise enough to remind yourself of that every day because someday th
Happy Birds
Happy Birds
Favorite outfit # ??? I don't keep track of how many outfits I have...besides...the possiblilites are endless. But I DO rank this as one of my top favorites. I got the top at mom actually picked it out. I wasn't excited about it at first...It's cute but it isn't one of those tops that makes you look "hot". But I put it on and decided that it's definately one of those tops that I will cherish for a long time. I love this top because the print is so cute and has a really fun retro feel...I love the colors...and it's extremely cute and comfortable. It's a top with all my favorite things rolled into one. All I have to do is put on a cute pair of jeans (flared, boot cut, or even skinny jeans look great with it), and then I had fun with the accessories. The wooden necklace looks great, especially paired with the brown leather sandals. And then I found these great green & gold leaf earrings at Charlotte Russe...they really make the print in the shirt pop and make the outfit come together. They are pretty much made for this top! I also love the vintage yellow straw purse with this...yet another great treasure from Throw on some gold bangles and there's my fave outfit!

gold heart necklace from love actually
gold heart necklace from love actually
Definitely, Maybe (Widescreen)
From the makers of Notting Hill and Love Actually comes the charming and irresistibly funny romantic comedy Definitely, Maybe. When Will (Ryan Reynolds) decides to tell his daughter (Abigail Breslin) the story of how he met her mother, he discovers that a second look at the past might also give him a second chance at the future. Co-starring Elizabeth Banks, Rachel Weisz and Isla Fisher, it's the heartwarming story that makes you realize it's definitely never too late to go back…and maybe find a happy ending.

A romantic comedy that begins with a discussion about sex education and ends with a bit of an unexpected twist, Definitely, Maybe focuses on an engaging father and his 10-year-old daughter. She is curious about the women her dad loved prior to marrying (and separating from) her mother. Instead of telling her, "None of your business," he decides to tell her about them... Sort of. Will is played by Ryan Reynolds and his precocious daughter Maya is adroitly portrayed by Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine). Will figures out a way to tell Maya about his most meaningful relationships in a PG manner that also is interactive for her (Or as she describes it, "a love story mystery!"). Changing a few of their characteristics and disguising their names, Will tells her about three exceptional women and Maya tries to deduce which one became her mom. Was it Emily (Elizabeth Banks), the wholesome Midwestern girl afraid of the big city; Summer (Rachel Weisz), the exotic journalist; or April (Isla Fisher), the rebel with a cause? Hearing about all these women, Maya asks, "What's the boy word for slut?" Spanning 15 years, back to when Will was an idealistic young man with the hopes of one day becoming president of the United States, the film has a nice light touch and deals with father-daughter bonding issues in a unique, if not completely realistic manner. Reynolds is a genial but bland leading man, but the women--including young Breslin--more than hold their own in this fun film. --Jae-Ha Kim

Get to Know the Girlfriends From Definitely, Maybe
Elizabeth Banks (Emily)
Isla Fisher (April)
Rachel Weisz (Summer)

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Stills from Definitely, Maybe (Click for larger image)

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