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Australian Gold Crystal Xii Review

australian gold crystal xii review
  • (australia) a nation occupying the whole of the Australian continent; Aboriginal tribes are thought to have migrated from southeastern Asia 20,000 years ago; first Europeans were British convicts sent there as a penal colony
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  • a native or inhabitant of Australia
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  • quartz glass: colorless glass made of almost pure silica
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australian gold crystal xii review - The Spine
The Spine of the World: The Legend of Drizzt, Book XII
The Spine of the World: The Legend of Drizzt, Book XII
Join the world's most famous drow elf in the penultimate chapter of the Legend of Drizzt series!

Spending time in the unimaginable torture chambers of the Abyss for even a day would be enough to break even the heartiest soul, and the barbarian Wulfgar was there for years. When he returns, his friends find him a changed man, and not changed for the better. But Wulfgar's road to redemption is one he must travel on his own, even if it leads to the bottle.

Attention all Drizzt freaks: our favorite dark-elf hero is not, repeat not, in Spine of the World. Neither is Bruenor nor Cattie-brie nor Regis et al. But don't think that means the latest installment in R.A. Salvatore's sweeping Drizzt-and-pals series isn't worth picking up: Spine sets things straight for the Forgotten Realms' newest, meanest drunk, the burly barbarian who single-handedly made warhammers cool again despite their measly 1d4+1 damage. Yep, Wulfgar is back, after ditching his buddies in The Silent Blade to become a bottle-swilling bouncer in the mangy port town of Luskan.
The towering tough guy hasn't strayed from his job at the Cutlass, hasn't sobered up, and hasn't forgotten his six years of horrific torture under the nasty balor Errtu.
But it's time for another book, so all that's about to change: kicked out of the Cutlass, robbed of Aegis-fang (yikes!), and framed for the attempted murder of his old friend Captain Deudermont (remember him from pirate-hunting on the Sea Sprite?), Wulfgar goes on the run with the rogue Morik, who's become a true friend despite the mission Jarlaxle and his dark-elf cohort gave him to watch the barbarian. Sure, Drizzt is missing (although he does make appearances in the form of ruminating journal entries), so Spine isn't a nonstop scimitar-fest. But R.A. still spins a good yarn--as always. With plenty of combat and intrigue, not to mention the ever-familiar monsters and spells, Spine of the World is surely the best show in town for the Forgotten Realms crowd. --Paul Hughes

79% (10)
Australian Magpie
Australian Magpie
Australian Magpie, by the side of the road in a small park, West Australia
Australian Infantry
Australian Infantry
As I start in 21st century world, I'll post some infantrymen.

australian gold crystal xii review
australian gold crystal xii review
Brian Culbertson commemorates his twelfth release with 12 new songs that continue to reflect his broad-ranging musicality and mastery of intimate moods. The titles swing from the rapturous metaphorically rich love ballad "Skies Wide Open" (featuring R&B singing star Avant), the sexy bedroom baby-maker "I Wanna Love You" (featuring singer/guitarist Ray Parker Jr.), the strings-kissed dance jam "Another Love" (featuring 21st century soul man Kenny Lattimore) and the cool club persuader "Out On the Floor" (featuring balladeer supreme Brian McKnight) to the slammin' attitude jam "Don't U Know Me By Now" (featuring powerhouse Faith Evans), a journey through the many moods of being entitled "That's Life" (featuring Earl Klugh who co-penned it along with fellow Detroit native Parker and Culbertson), a think piece on the meaning of it all titled "I Don't Know" (featuring spoken word enchantress Natalie Stewart of Floetry), and an all-out Go-Go party jam titled "Feelin' It" (featuring the man who put Washington, D.C. Go-Go Music on the map, Chuck Brown in addition to a comedic appearance by Sinbad). Four more instrumentals round out the album, including the lovely dreamscape "Waiting for You" and the incredibly funky "Stay Wit It" on which he takes a rippin' Moog solo.

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