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Diy Bike Storage

diy bike storage
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Fence Supported Bike Shelter
Fence Supported Bike Shelter
Built a client a bike shelter. They were surprised by the simple design, but found it to be quite workable. The structure is very light so doesn't put any strain on the fence that I could see. I used 2 x 3's. Borrowed the idea from DIY friends. I did the same thing at home so had a picture to show client already, but this one is bigger since there's more space between gate and fence. They have four bikes to fit here so should be enough room.
tool storage
tool storage
Our version of the bike kitchen concept is for people who are interested in learning how they can be empowered to fix their bikes. OPEN: Wednesdays, Thursday 4 - 7 Sundays 12 - 4

diy bike storage
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