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High School Update

Senior Con Ed
Seniors will participate in many projects that will help them 
prepare for living on their own 
in the near future.

Foods Class & Adult Living
Students will be working in the kitchen first semester learning the basics to cooking and baking. 
I am looking forward to canning in 
the first couple weeks with my 
2014-2015 students.

Second semester will consist of relationships, dating, and marriage. We will continue to cook 
throughout the semester.

Housing and Interiors & Apparel
Basic construction, house designs and planning will be the focus
 for this school year.

Middle School Update

7th & 8th grade 
There will be a lot of sewing 
this year. Students will be hand sewing, practicing different stitches,  making pillows and hats.

6th grade 
New faces...new experiences!
Can't wait to start cooking with 
the new 6th graders.