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Leaf Defier Gutter Filter

leaf defier gutter filter
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leaf defier gutter filter - 5" K-Style
5" K-Style Foam Leaf Gutter Guard Insert--48 Feet/Box
5" K-Style Foam Leaf Gutter Guard Insert--48 Feet/Box
Our 5" K-Style HomeOwner * Needle-Leaf WEDGE is Made In America of the highest quality foam material available for gutter protection. Thick Antimicrobial and Anti-UV coatings allow us to offer a 25-Year No-Clog Warranty with a 0% Failure Rate! The WEDGE's lightweight and flexible design makes installation a quick and easy homeowner Do-It-Yourself project. WARNING... Most foam gutter insert products look the same. Unless you purchase a foam product with a 25-YEAR WARRANTY, the foam will breakdown rapidly due to UV-Radiation.

83% (7)
Defier support Dead Swans on the downstairs stage of WTFest - 05.09.09
Defier support Our Time Down Here at the Joiners - 13.11.09

leaf defier gutter filter
leaf defier gutter filter
Leaf Defier XL 6" x 88' K Style
Leaf Defier XL is made from a cell polyurethane that prevents small and large debris from getting into your gutters, while allowing water to freely flow through. Leaf Defier XL is treated with a Biocide and Fungicide to prevent the formation of mold, mildew, algae and moss. It is also treated with a UV stabilizer to prevent degradation from the sun's UV rays. The main difference between Leaf Defier and Leaf Defier XL is Leaf Defier XL has a slopped top to the foam insert, which provides for optimal debris runoff. Installing Leaf Defier XL is simple. No tools are required! Simply push the foam inserts into clean gutters for a snug fit. Once installed, Leaf Defier XL is not visible from ground level, unlike some of its' competitors. NOTE: Leaf Defier XL is only available in "K" style (casement gutters). Regular Leaf Defier is available in "K" style and half round.

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