What Are Retread Tires

what are retread tires
    retread tires
  • (Retread tire) A retread, or "recap," (or "remould" in the UK) is a previously-worn tire which has gone through a remanufacturing process designed to extend its useful service life.
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BB 3
BB 3
Bandag Bullet owner and driver Frank Gaffiero works on the truck before its first burnout demonstration, at the Extreme Powerfest 2007 at AIR. Frank talks about his truck: “ It’s got squirters on the radiator, so when I’ve finished my powerskid, or when I’m doing a burnout, if it’s straight-line stuff I turn it on, so it cools the motor, it cools the radiators, and then usually when you’ve finished your burnout, I’ll turn them on as I’m coming back, and it just gives the motor a bit of relief just having that water spray at the front of the radiator." "This sort of place (AIR) you’ve got plenty of room, so you’ve got a straight to work on, and a burnout area. So therefore you can do your 360s, your figure 8s, and then I usually turn it into a powerskid, like I can pull out of a 360 without stopping the wheels, and just go down the straight, and do almost a ? mile burnout as well." "The whole concept has been going for 24 years, it’s one of those things, it was built as a drag truck, and a by-product of doing burnouts. And un-, well not unfortunately, but unfortunately for us people don’t want to drag race, people want to see the burnouts, so the burnouts have overtaken the drag racing. So the whole concept is 24 years old, we thought it would last about 4-5 years when we first built the truck." "People pay me to do it, that’s the best part. This sort of was really a hobby, and then I picked up Bandag as a sponsor 24 years ago, they’ve been sponsoring me for 24 years now, there’s a generation of revheads born every year, so nobody gets sick of it. I guarantee 50% of the people who’ve come here today have never seen the truck in action." "We’ve got a Mack at home, a Titan with an E9 in it. This (the Mack) is a new truck, it’s newer than this one. We built it as a competitor for this truck, because there are no others in Australia, and probably not in the world either. But unfortunately I don’t have a sponsor for it, and it’s too expensive to run, but we put a price on that truck, if we had to pay for everything, we were supported by Mack Trucks with an engine and a few other things, we reckon that truck is worth 400 grand. But we already had all the technology as such, as we developed over the years for this one (Kenworth), so it was a lot easier to do the other one, and we did lot more with the other one." "The other one’s (Mack) is quicker, but it’s 3 tonne lighter, but it doesn’t have the horsepower this has either. But it’s a Titan, it’s a Mack, every time you see a movie it’s usually a Mack that’s running over somebody. So everyone knows what a Mack and a Kenworth are. So Mack vs Kenworth it’s a big idea, big concept, but unfortunately Mack decided they’d go a different way with their sponsorships, and Mack the trucks, you think they’d be behind a truck, but they’re more behind the cars. Well there’s revheads born every year, thankfully." "The truck doesn’t like cold weather to start in. Cold weather’s good for burnouts, because it lasts longer. The truck suffers from heat dramatically, as you would have seen there’s not much air circulation. It’s sucking in the smoke and whatever. There’s no drama, I’ll get probably less out of my tires than most of the blokes on the road will. I would normally have worn them out, but we’re doing three burnouts today, so I’m just doing two half burnouts, and then one big one at night. Next one will be about 3-3:30." "The last one, it was initially was at 10 o’clock, but I think they’re going to bring it on earlier, because a lot of people leave a bit earlier. Dark is better, it looks better at night, the flames are twice as big, and the smoke is not blowing away so quickly, it sits around. And it’ll get to the stage where the truck actually disappears, which it probably did then…they (the crowd) disappear. Then generally I drive out of the smoke into the straight-line stuff, it’s a lot better." "The idea is not to blow them, (the retreaded tyres) that's the whole thing. The aim is to show that tyres can do 300kmh, and they can get hot, you’ve seen that video where the tires catch fire, and they don’t blow. And you can re-tread them more than once. Admittedly I don’t have 18 tonne sitting on the drive, but still it’s very high speeds. Year before last, we set the world record reached 306kmh with retreads on. It’s all to do with care and maintenance." "It’s a configuration Detroit had for high powered boats. It’s all changed now. They do have two blocks that bolt together and two cranks that bolt together, and you build it as one engine. But you’re able to separate them as whole, so really 2 V8s together…but it works.” he says.
Goodyear-Barnwell retread shop
Goodyear-Barnwell retread shop
The Goodyear UniCircle retread process, which is what Barnwell House of Tires uses in its retread plant, is a unique selling proposition that differentiates Barnwell from competitors. It provides customers superior miles to removal and helps them reduce their overall tire costs, says Kevin Gorman, co-owner of Barnwell.

what are retread tires
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