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Jetzon Tire Dealers

jetzon tire dealers
    tire dealers
  • Stores that generate more than 50 percent of their sales from automotive tires.
  • (The jetzons) The Jetzons were an American New Wave band based in Tempe, Arizona. The group later relocated to Los Angeles.

Was back at my childhood (years 10-20) home to get an oil change and get my breaks checked out, as they have been rather squeaky lately. So with no means of transportation while the fine folks at Adlers Automotive took a look at my car, I found myself wandering Main Street. A place I got to know quite well during my childhood, lots of places are still around but under new managment. A few new buildings have gone up and a few have gone down, as well as some new buisnesses. After walking for four and a half hours I eventually was summoned back to Adlers. I was really rather nervous, expecting a large bill for heavy maintenence work on my trusty automobile. As I stood waiting for a tally, the smell of motor oil and burnt out cigerettes lingered in the air. Zipping the zipper on my camera bag, left to right and right to left: "Good news your breaks are in great working order no need to worry!" A sigh of relief, and then he (mechanic extraordinaire) quoted me at $200-250 to get them redone in 3-4 months. Which will actually happen in more likely 2 months, so that come December I have breaks that will work and not slip and slide on the cold Wisconsin pavement. And at that price, I might as well just hit up my change jar and say screw it: overall my car now will run great for the next 3000 miles. The question is how long will 3000 miles be, will I venture somewhere new to capture the glory of fall?
Goodyear-BinghamTire-Doyal Jackson
Goodyear-BinghamTire-Doyal Jackson
Doyal Jackson, retread plant manager, oversees the production of 100 tires per day at the company's retread facility in Barbourville. The plant uses the Goodyear Precure and UniCircle retread processes.

jetzon tire dealers
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