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Big Wheel Bike Shop

big wheel bike shop
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Torker KB2 at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop
Torker KB2 at Flying Pigeon LA bike shop
The KB2 comes equipped for the most part as a typical single speed bike. It's bigger than average 700x38c tires would seem to be the only remarkable thing about the bike - until you look at the back hub. The KB2 has a Sturmey-Archer Kick-Back 2-speed rear hub - and it is the pure essence of fun to swing these big wheels around the block, looking for mischief. Kick your foot back, hear a little "tick", and now you're in your hard gear. Kick back once more, "tick", and now you're in your easy gear. It makes life feel like an old Nintendo Olympics game with button mashing substituted for pedal mashing. Fun, smooth, no cables and two gears! MSRP is something like $375. They come in sizes from 44cm to 56cm, so almost everybody is covered. The first batch of these is almost gone, more will arrive in the Spring. What a bike!
Big Wheel Bikes
Big Wheel Bikes
Big Wheel Bikes bicycle shop just south of M Street in Georgetown.

big wheel bike shop
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