6. The Story

The Story of Helga

The name 20 Mark Helga derives from the story of a post World War II romance in Berlin between a Young American Soldier serving his ROTC time engaging in joint maneuvers with the German Military and a German Bar Maid. Perhaps that last sentence was confusing?

The Soldier was engaged in joint maneuvers with the German Military. He was romantically involved with a German Bar maid. Actually, perhaps that sentence did make sense because he did propose to said bar maid. Helga also worked at the same Hofbräukeller where she was known to personally entertain the patrons for a fee of 20 German Marks (a very reasonable fee for the time). Helga was an attractive young woman known to have a lovely voice that she also used to entertain the troops.

Anyway back to our story. The bar maid wished to test the integrity of the young American Officers intentions so she asked her friend Helga to schedule a performance with the Soldier at noon on Saturday. Helga, delighted, dutifully agreed. Friday night rolled around and the bar maid while speaking with her suitor suggested that they discuss the future of their relationship over lunch the following day at noon. The Soldier suggested dinner instead. The bar maid declined as she had to work on Saturday evening and she pressed her agenda…
So how did the story turn out in the end? We don't exactly know. We do know that the couple got together and moved to the US where they had a son who was obsessed with heavy metal guitar. We also know that there's octogenarian prostitute walking the streets of Berlin naïve to the fact that she has a band named in her honor.

We choose Helga as our namesake because of her commitment to her friends, her lovely voice, her entrancing performances and her commitment to economically viable entertainment. These are all values we hold strive to uphold.
Helga- what a woman!
Helga- What a Woman!

Helga  Friend in 1957 at the Berebrauhofenhoferhoff
Helga in 1957 at the

Helga  Friend at 20 Mark Helga's Oktoberfest in Bucktown 2008

Helga & Friend at 20 Mark Helga's
Oktoberfest in Bucktown 2008