5. 20 MH Speaks

Wow!  2012. Year of the Mayans.  Last year felt more like the world would more than this year.  We are definitely more hopeful.  If it does end we are hoping it is after we record our next CD.  We are in the process of narrowing our choices to a few local studios.  We'd like to thank all the clubs that booked us for 2011: The Elbo Room, Cubby Bear, Double Door, the Underground, Retro on Congress, Reggie's Rock Club and those who are working to make space for us Subterranean Cafe and Martyrs.  Most of all we are thankful to our friends and fans who make all of this crazy fun and creativity possible.  Thank you!

Evolution vs Intelligent Design

posted Oct 12, 2011, 1:42 PM by 20MarkHelga

I Can't profess to have a clue as to how the universe works.  And it seems that may also hold for 20 Mark Helga.  We seem to be evolving and moving but it is difficult to know where this journey is taking us.  It seems to be an aural representation of what happens when 5 unique individuals come together for a shared interest and investment.  There are storms and droughts and some beautiful oasis's.  We are heading to one such place this November, Retro on Congress, Savannah GA.
Love & Peace


posted Sep 26, 2011, 5:16 AM by 20MarkHelga

Greetings Everyone!  We are psyched to be coming off one of our best shows yet!  Thanks to everyone who packed the house with us and made it a night to remember (even if parts are still a bit fuzzy).

Yes, it's true 20 Mark Helga will be doing a micro-tour of the south capped by a November 5 show in Savannah headling at Retro on Congress during the Rock and Roll Marathon weekend.  We are currently looking to add shows in Nashville, Charlotte and Charleston.

Peace & Love

Spring Update

posted Mar 4, 2010, 4:27 PM by 20MarkHelga

So we are staring at a hectic Spring schedule updating our shows for the Elbo Room in March and the Cubby Bear in April.  We will be doing a little rearranging of our line-up which are both sad and excited about.  After April we plan to take several months of to begin writing for our next CD.

As alwasy thanks x 100000000000000 for your support!


Snow Falls Deep

posted Feb 11, 2010, 5:47 AM by 20MarkHelga

theres a place that I go

take my time and call it home

my snow filled boots left at the door

feel my soul upon the floor


new years snow falls deep and pure

morning drifts smooth fluid curves

arching back upon the earth

perfect angels all alone


leaves trespass this scene of mine

blemished echo of lost time

I feel illegal

on the snow


angels naked on the snow

My sorrow and worth alone I know

Dreams of taste and texture lie

upon my tongue so wet and cold


soft crystals barren skin

cold shows me where I end

pulls me back from the ledge -my friend

down on the snow


inside the fire is burning

nothing is  free

Time waits on the doorstep

And I turn the key


drawing in white to white to soul

I’ve numbed myself from head to toe

tripping down old roads I know

down old roads to me you’ve shown

Record Record!

posted Dec 27, 2009, 3:29 PM by 20MarkHelga

So we broke a record by making a record in a day. We want to thank everyone who helped and support us with this esp- Keith Geraghty, Dana Kaye, Megan Doherty, Lisa Versino and the guys at Gravity - Brett Mohr, and Doug McBride and most of all our friends and fans who have made this journey together possible. We look forward to many more songs, shows and shots together.
Love & Peace
Phin, Joe, Evan, Steve and Nicole

Thanks to our fans!

posted Nov 17, 2009, 2:30 PM by 20MarkHelga

We are all recovering from an incredible evening last Saturday at the Elbo Room.  As Always, Brian, Dave, Joey and Matt took good care of us and our friends.  We cannot thank our friends and fans enough for the show of support last Saturday and always.  We are lucky to be having so much fun doing something we love and without you this would not be possible. 
Love & Peace,

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