Flashing Bicycle Safety Lights

flashing bicycle safety lights
    bicycle safety
  • Bicycle safety is the use of practices designed to reduce risk associated with cycling. Some of this subject matter is hotly debated: for example, the discussions as to whether bicycle helmets or cyclepaths really deliver improved safety.
  • flash: a short vivid experience; "a flash of emotion swept over him"; "the flashings of pain were a warning"
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flashing bicycle safety lights - Nathan Clip-On
Nathan Clip-On Deluxe L.E.D. Safety Strobe
Nathan Clip-On Deluxe L.E.D. Safety Strobe
A high-quality strobe light is essential to night time safety, whether you are on foot or bike. The Nathan L.E.D. Safety Strobe allows you to be noticed from up to 2500 feet away, and rest assured because this light will last up to 150 hours, the battery is replaceable, and it attaches easily to your clothes or bag (or dog collar!) The Safety Strobe can be set to Steady On, Rapid Flash, Slow Flash, or Alternating Strobe.

The importance of safety while running, walking, or riding at night cannot be understated. Be highly visible--up to 2,500 feet--wearing the Nathan Clip-On Deluxe L.E.D Safety Strobe. Illumination can last 150 hours before you have to replace the battery and easily attaches to reflective vests, clothing, or bags. The multi-function features includes steady -on, rapid flash, slow flash, and alternating strobe.
Up to 2,500 foot visibility
Multi-function: Steady On, Rapid Flash, Slow Flash, or Alternating Strobe
Illumination can last 150 hours
Replaceable battery
Easily attaches to reflective vests, clothing, or bags
Size: 1.5 by 2.5 inches

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Bright Bike (no light)
Bright Bike (no light)
The Bright Bike is a retroreflective vinyl wrapped bicycle. We used Scotchlight 680 vinyl. When the bicycle is in the beam of a light (like a car's headlight, or a camera's flash,) it reflects back super bright. When it is not in the light, it is just jet black. Ideally, it will aid in nighttime bicycle safety. This bicycle was stolen on January 8th 2010 at 195 Bowery NYC, a block south of the New Museum. It has a bike "BRIGHT BIKE" sticker on the downtube. The wheels are a brand new set of Open Pros, laced to White Industries ENO hubs (eccentric). Went in for a gallery opening, came out, and it was gone. This is an ICONIC bike, (there are no other bikes in NYC with the full retroreflective treatment) so if you see anyone riding it, it is stolen.
More lights, more reflective tape
More lights, more reflective tape
Three (count 'em! three!) flashing red lights on the rear of the bike, plus loads of high-vis 3M super-duper reflective tape. The flashing lights are great, since the lights each have a slightly different strobe rate, so the flashes keep going in and out of synch with each other. Should I get hit, the "I didn't see him" plea won't go very far...

flashing bicycle safety lights
flashing bicycle safety lights
MSA Safety Works 10021259 Straight Temple Safety Glasses, Clear
An estimated 2.4 million eye injuries occur annually in the U.S.--And more than 1 million of these occur at home. Up to 90% of these could be prevented through the use of protective eyewear, according to Prevent Blindness America. These unique safety glasses, from MSA Safety Works, the world leader in safety products, feature designer styling with high impact polycarbonate lenses to produce safety glasses that are both sleek in style and protective. The lens on these safety glasses is anti-fog, so it helps prevent fogging even when working in challenging environments--no more fogging when working hard or when hopping in and out of air conditioning! The lens also has a hard-coat protective coating to help reduce scratches. The ratcheted angle-adjustable temples allow the lens to be positioned up or down for optimum user comfort. The rubber-tipped straight-back temples are flexible so that they fit comfortably on the head, yet stay in place. The glasses come with a free pair of soft foam ear plugs as an added bonus. The glasses and ear plugs can be stored in the reclosable plastic clamshell for protection when not in use.