20inch Boys Bike - Cruiser Bike Saddle.

20inch Boys Bike

20inch boys bike
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20inch boys bike - Pacific Igniter
Pacific Igniter Boy's Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
Pacific Igniter Boy's Bike (20-Inch Wheels)
The Pacific Cycle Igniter Bike is ready to hit the pavement with its rugged steel frame, colorful paint and graphics, comfortable seat and smooth riding tires. And because its a Schwinn, you know it uses only quality components and is backed by a lifetime of expertise in the cycling industry. Features: 20" frame geometry for easy controlled riding Rear coaster brake stops securely 1-Piece crank with steel chain guard for durability Steel wheels with 1.95? tires roll fast Handlebar and frame top tube pad for safety Some assembly required

With its junior-sized, BMX-style frame, the Pacific Igniter 20-inch boys' bike is an ideal transitional bike for aspiring BMX riders. The Igniter is equipped with 20-inch frame geometry for easy, controlled riding, along with a rear coaster brake that offers sure stopping power. Other details include a one-piece crank with a steel chain guard for durability, steel wheels with 1.95-inch tires, and handlebar and frame tube pads for safety.

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Little Boy Lost =)
Little Boy Lost =)
Looks like the young boy wants to skate to his own beat! My niece Katy is second from the right! Proud uncle! =) Skated to the song "Singing in the Rain"! #346 on Explore May 21, 2008
Boy from Potoksar village in Ladakh.

20inch boys bike