Bradford White 80 Gallon Electric Water Heater

bradford white 80 gallon electric water heater
    water heater
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Bradfords Last Trolleybus day (Sun) in 1972
Bradfords Last Trolleybus day (Sun) in 1972
Bradfords Last Trolleybus day (Sun) in 1972 where tours were run with the remaining trolleybuses lettered A to __(cant remember how many). The previous trolley routes 7 and 8 were run by new Atlanteans from that day. Daimler CRG6LX33 with Alexander H47/29D body 413 was one bough for Trolleybus replacement the previous year. Interestingly it had a OPO sign but dual doors were never used OPO in Bradford (unions)
Bradford PD2 EKY 572 in 1969.
Bradford PD2 EKY 572 in 1969.
Bradford PD2/3-Leyland No.572 from 1949 seen near Forster Square on 25/4/69. The trolley wires show that the system still operated - the last to run in Britain , closing in Mar'72. No.572 was withdrawn by the end of 1969.

bradford white 80 gallon electric water heater
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