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Hawaiian Floral Print

hawaiian floral print
  • the Oceanic languages spoken on Hawaii
  • a native or resident of Hawaii
  • A native or inhabitant of Hawaii
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Red and Blue Hawaiian Print Handbag
Red and Blue Hawaiian Print Handbag
The bag has vacation written all over it - the outside is a soft vintage polished cotton in red, maroon and blue and a vintage bakelite button while the inside is a bright blue butterfly cotton fabric. This bag measures 19" wide (across the bottom), 13 1/2" long, 4" deep with a 22" strap. The interior pocket measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and is sewn down the middle; the exterior pocket measures 4" x 5 1/2", perfect for a cell phone or sunglasses. These soft structured bags, reinforced with fusible fleece for added strength and structure are light weight, durable and great for travel. This particular fabric was an estate sale find that dates back to the mid 70's.
Floral print conflict
Floral print conflict
There's this amazing vintage couch on the second floor of Meadows (the SMU art department) that I want to steal so bad. Cardigan: thrifted from Salvation Army 80s stretch belt: vintage, Dolly Python's Floral dress: vintage, Twitch Vintage on Ebay Leaf necklace: estate sale Spectator pumps: vintage

hawaiian floral print
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