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Buy Cheap New Tires

buy cheap new tires
    new tires
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Cheap new wheels
Cheap new wheels
I have been given some free 19" used tires and there will probably be more in my future. I know that I said I don't like used tires but I can't turn down free tires. After searching I found some cheap wheels that fit the bill. If your are reading tirerack, I hate that you will not let me search by wheel size and offset. I also hate that your sales staff are not willing to help with this type of search. I understand that this is done to keep idiots from buying the wrong size wheels but there are people out there that are not looking for off the shelf solutions because their cars are nowhere near stock. End of rant... The wheels are 19x10 35mm offset. They are currently black with a polished lip which is my least favorite color combination on wheels. They will soon be all one color but I have not decided on the color yet. Did I mention that these wheels were super cheap?
Tired... ;-)
Tired...  ;-)
I bought a new lens today, cheap one: Canon 50mm f/1.8 II... :-) It was a little under 100 euros, good price for me. Oh, I love how fast it is, it's a noisy one but it really doesn't matter. I just took few sample photos and this is one of them. My dead balcony flower, bokeh is from the streetlights .. Lovely. This flower is from last summer, i just left it to the balcony... oh dear... 39-365

buy cheap new tires
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