Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition      

What is the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition?  

MC Quiet Skies Coalition (MCQSC) is a coalition of concerned citizens and community associations in Montgomery County, MD who are living under newly formed flight paths that send hundreds of disruptively loud, low-altitude flights over our homes, schools, parks and businesses each day.   Our members are from over 20 Montgomery County neighborhoods with over 20,000 residents.
What is MCQSC’s mission?
We are committed to working with residents, elected officials, the FAA and others to resolve the excessive levels of noise, air pollution, and health and safety risks imposed on our communities by the FAA’s flight paths and procedures at Reagan National Airport (DCA).   
Which neighborhoods are impacted?

Avenel, Bannockburn, Burning Tree Village, Brookmont, Cabin John, Carderock Springs, Fort Sumner, Glen Echo Town, Glen Echo Heights, Green Acres, Goldsboro, Kenwood Park, Mohican Hills, Persimmon Tree, Potomac (West Montgomery County Citizens Association), River Falls, Rock Creek Forest, Springfield, Sumner, Tulip Hill, Westmoreland Hills and Overlook, Wood Acres, Woodrock, Wyngate

What is causing the excessive noise?
Four major changes have led to the drastically increased air traffic, frequency, intensity and noise over Montgomery County residential areas:  

1. NextGen:  The FAA began implementing new nationwide flight procedures, collectively known as “NextGen,” that employ GPS/satellite-based technology.  Unfortunately, these procedures concentrate all the airplane traffic, noise and pollution into narrow bands above specific neighborhoods that are forced to absorb all the environmental and human costs.  

2. Lower altitude arrivals:  As part of NextGen, airplanes descend sooner and at much lower altitudes than before.  These “continuous descent” procedures impose much greater noise on underlying communities.  

3. Changes at DCA:  In 2015, the FAA eliminated three well-established flight paths for airplanes arriving at Reagan National Airport (DCA) and replaced them with a new flight path that directs flights inland over Montgomery County neighborhoods instead of over the Potomac River.  

4. Hours of operation:  Airplane traffic at DCA has increased significantly in recent years, pushing departing and arriving flights into extremely early and late hours.   Unfortunately, DCA has no quiet hour flight restrictions even though it is in the middle of a densely populated urban area.   Large and loud “mainline” jets have become the unwelcome new alarm clocks and sleep disrupters for many residents.    

What can you do to stop the noise?

1.  File NOISE COMPLAINTS (click to file noise complaints)

Without complaints, the FAA will tell Congress and others that airplane noise is not a problem in Montgomery County.  Please submit complaints often!  Your complaints can be simple and brief.  It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form.

Also, you can track the plane that woke you up or the planes recently overhead HERE.  Please note that the DCA WebTrak site (airplane tracker) operates on a 1-hour, real-time data delay.  Historical flight activity for prior days is also available at this DCA WebTrak site.

2.  Contact your federal, state, and county representatives.

Just click on the Downloads and Templates tab to find action letters and contact information for a list of policymakers.  Remember, calls and personalized emails are most effective!  

** The Coalition just posted its most recent action letter concerning the relentless south-flow arrival traffic into DCA!  Check it out, along with some templates you can use to begin your own letter.  Don't forget to include your neighborhood and indicate that you are a member of the Montgomery County Quiet Skies Coalition!

3.  Spread the word!

Tell your neighbors about the Coalition and hang flyers letting others know we are here to help!  The flyer can be found under the Downloads and Templates tab.  Post your letters, photos, stories, etc. to Facebook or Twitter.  We need to create as much buzz as possible.


If you are a resident of Montgomery County, MD, you can request to be added to our Google group listserv for updates and information by using one of the two options below

Option 1:  go to: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/mcquietskies/join


Option 2:  send an email stating your name & the name of your Montgomery County neighborhood (such as your homeowners' association name) to: mont.co.quietskies@gmail.com  

We can always use volunteers, especially in the areas of technology, social media, outreach and web design! 

5. Attend our monthly meetings!

Concerned Montgomery County residents are encouraged to attend our monthly meetings to hear the latest information from key individuals involved in our mission, and to voice your concerns and provide your feedback on the issues.
MCQSC meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at Brookmont Church, 4000 Virginia Place, Bethesda, Maryland, 20816

Please click on the Meetings & Minutes tab for more information about the next monthly meeting and the upcoming meeting's agenda (when available).  

To see meeting minutes, agendas, and related attachments, please go to: Meeting Minutes & Agendas.