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Make Your Own Ir Filter

make your own ir filter
    ir filter
  • Infrared cut-off filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to reflect or block mid-infrared wavelengths while passing visible light.
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make your own ir filter - GAMBLER TUBE
This machine makes a pack of smokes quickly and easily. Simply insert a filtered cigarette tube onto the nozzle, fill the tobacco chamber, and pull the crank to inject the tobacco into the tube. There's almost no effort involved, and a perfect cigarette takes only seconds to make. The TubeCut tabletop cigarette maker makes King Size and 100mm cigarettes and works with most King Size and 100mm filtered cigarette tubes sold. TubeCut cigarette machines are made from heavy-duty metal for long-lasting use and come with a one-time, 1-year warranty and instructions.

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D200 IR Conversion Prep Step 1A
D200 IR Conversion Prep Step 1A
You will need three primary tools to perform a D200 IR conversion: 1. a PH000 Phillips head screwdriver 2. tweezers 3. a flat metal probe of some sort Note: don't use one of those cheap tiny flathead screwdrivers. They will strip your screws and tear up your hands. If you can get an electric screwdriver, it will greatly expedite your conversion. You will also need: 1. a replacement filter for the IR cut glass (aka hotmirror) (you can purchase one online or make your own) 2. an air blower Your replacement filter must meet two requirements: 1. it must transmit IR 2. it must be of comparable size and thickness to the original IR cut filter I experimented with stacked microscope slides as an IR cut filter replacement. Unfortunately, rainbow patterns formed between my slides due to an airtight seal. I tried distancing the slides with small pieces of paper, but this caused hazy distortions and allowed for dust contamination. In the end, I ended up using a piece of glass from a broken window. If you want to make your own replacement filter, the next three pictures illustrate the dimensions of the stock hotmirror.
Maglite Solitaire Filters
Maglite Solitaire Filters
I own a variety of Maglites and as far as I am aware this is the only filter kit available for the Solitaire. Green NVG compatible, map and utility lighting Red to preserve adapted night vision IR 830nm filter for invisible Infrared light for all I to III generation Night Vision and PVS ITT Litton equipment (850nm also available - suitable for covert ops) These are custom made by OscarDelta SPD. If you are interested in making your own feel free to contact me and I will provide instructions. Whilst on the subject of flashlights I have just completed a special project involving the Maglite 2D which will run on 2 x 18650 cells providing 7.4V. The upgrade kit includes a precision engineered battery adapter and custom made spring. With this kit you will be able to run high output bulbs such as the Pelican Big D (1853/1854-L) 300 lumens and the TLE-300M-EX MiniStar30 700 ~ 600 lumens. The 18650 cells are also rechargeable and have typical runtimes in excess of 1hr. As soon as testing is completed I will post further information.

make your own ir filter
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