Tyre Dealers In Hull

tyre dealers in hull
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London comes to Hull.
London comes to Hull.
741 DYE was an ex London Transport AEC Routemaster bus (numbered RM 1741) that dated from November 1963. Having been allocated to Aldenham Garage for most of its working life in London, it was eventually withdrawn from service by LTE in 1984. Purchased by Stagecoach of Perth, Scotland in 1985, it went on to see service with Stagecoach’s ‘Magicbus’ operations in Glasgow, until sold to Citibus of Hull in April 1988. It is pictured with ‘Citibus’ on 13th August 1988, shortly after Citibus pressed the vehicle into service. It is seen at the Preston Road terminus, as a young mother waits for her toddler son to alight the vehicle. The Routemaster later passed to East Yorkshire Motor Services in 1989, where it was re-registered PAG 809A in 1994. It was withdrawn by EYMS and passed to a dealer in Cheam in 1998, its subsequent history is not known. Note the cream coloured telephone box, something unique to the City of Kingston-upon-Hull.
Sherman Composite Hull Tank
Sherman Composite Hull Tank
This is the M4 "Composite" Hull. The rear section of the hull was plate steel and the front was cast. Very rare. This one is in a private collection in Tooele, Utah.

tyre dealers in hull
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