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cheap tires san francisco
    san francisco
  • a port in western California near the Golden Gate that is one of the major industrial and transportation centers; it has one of the world's finest harbors; site of the Golden Gate Bridge
  • A city and seaport in western California, on the coast, on a peninsula between the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco Bay; pop. 776,733. The city suffered severe damage from earthquakes in 1906 and in 1989
  • San Francisco, officially the City and County of San Francisco, is the fourth most populous city in California and the 12th most populous city in the United States, with a 2009 estimated population of 815,358.
  • San Francisco is an album by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson and saxophonist Harold Land, released on the Blue Note label. The album features a shift away from the usual hard bop / post-bop style pursued previously by Hutcherson and Land, and shifts towards a jazz fusion style.
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN---"I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS!" (repost from "30 secrets in 30 days!" 2007)
HAPPY HALLOWEEN---"I AIN'T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS!" (repost from "30 secrets in 30 days!" 2007)
28 SECRETS IN 28 DAYS SECRET #22 ADDA DADA HAS SEEN GHOSTS! 28 SECRETS IN 28 DAYS SECRET #22 ADDA DADA , "I HAVE SEEN A GHOST!" ---------------------------------------------- Actually, I have experienced several ghosts and I have seen, I will dedicate this to, MUI-MUI ,the wonderful lady at the WHITE ELEPHANT SALE ,who suggested the title to this story.... UNWELCOMED ROOMMATE! In 1982, ADDA lived for four years in a nice one-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. The rent was really cheap, and, unfortunately, the building was sold. Since, the building was under rent control the new owners decided to give everyone hell so they would move out. Hence, finally, my upstairs neighbors ,FRANK & CHARLES, moved out because they had it with the owners. The said goodbye to their friends in the building.... So, one of their 'friends' moved downstairs into my apartment! Adda started to hear all sorts of noises in the kitchen which couldn't of been mice for he had his beloved cat, POPSY. and clearly the mice were NOT responsible for flushing the tolit at all hours of the day and night.... So, one Sunday afternoon ADDA was sound asleep facing the wall on my couch in the living room. All of a sudden, I woke up and turned towards the middle of the room... ...where there was a man in a brown suit standing in my room! One could see through the man, and he appeared to be startled that he was caught in the room! He looked at me and then turned towards the wall and walked into it! I sat up SO FAST! My mind was spinning...and NO, I was not asleep from a drunken stupor, nor, from some drugged partying the night before... I called my friend, cc fish, who calmed me down, and suggested that we need to do a 'clearing' to ask the spirit to leave...and do it NOW! cc came over and we preformed a clearing which consists of calling all positive energies, burning a candle (fire), having some water, opening the windows (air) , having a stone(earth), and some of ones precious objects, and requesting an 'UNWELCOMED ROOMMATE' to leave and go towards the light. Luckily, this worked. The tolits stopped flushing by themselves and the kitchen became still again. Several months later, I bumped into FRANK & CHARLES and I told them what happened...They said, OH, YOU MEAN 'RALPHIE' ? OH, HE USED TO HANG OUT IN OUR PLACE. HE'D MOVE KITCHEN OBJECTS ACROSS THE ROOM AND JUST CREATE HAVOC AT TIMES. HE WAS FUN, THOUGH THE TIME HE MOVED A KNIFE ACROSS THE ROOM IN MIDAIR WAS KINDA SCARY...KINDA... LIKE DUH, KINDA ...My jaw just dropped... Later I found out that RALPHIE died in the apartment...and that he was a reall rebel rouser, and just was a practical joker. How did I find this out. His wife still lived in the building in a lower apartment and invited me in one day. We chatted very friendly...and, there, there on her table... was his photo... NO, I did NOT tell her about my SECRET! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Another time, I just purchased a house on TWIN PEAKS with my ex. It was just a total luck of finding it and all the cards falling into place with the purchase. (a story in itself). My ex moved in first, and like ADDA, had a problem waking up in the morning. Well, he didn't have to worry, because if his alarm clock would not go off, the downstairs door buzzer would go off to wake him! This even happened when I moved in! We finally got tired of this UNWELCOMED AWAKING by an UNWELCOMED ROOMMATE...we cut the wires to the downstairs doorbell. All was fine, until one day when I went to the garage sale next door, and was walking up the stairs with a HUGE load of junk. I could not get to my keys, nor knock on the door , nor ring the doorbell. Just before I got to the top of the stairs, my ex SWUNG open the door and had a WILD LOOK IN HIS EYES... DID YOU RING THE DAMN DOORBELL!!! well, no, i said meekly...I thought he saw me coming up the stairs and came to open the door... NO, THE DOWNSTAIRS DOORBELL ....RANG!!!! It must of taken lots of energy from our UNWELCOMED ROOMMATE for it was the last time we heard the downstairs door bell.... -------------------------------------------- ADDA DADA spent a few weeks in NEW ORLEANS before MARDI GRAS many, many years ago. It was lots of fun for I was staying at a really cool house which was featured in the book COTTAGES OF NEW ORLEANS. Paul was an incredible decorator and I really was stunned by his amazing over-the-edge decorating. (Lots of pushing the decorating envelope came from him!) I loved going to the CHAPEL OF THANKS in the CHURCH OF ST. CHARLES with its graveyard nearby. Somehow, everytime I would enter the CHAPEL OF THANKS, I would just start crying and crying...It happened every time. The emotions locked in the walls were very heavy. The graveyard has crypts & graves built above ground because of the constant flooding. I love to do 'grave rubbings' which is where one takes a sheet of special paper and
holding hands with the gods
holding hands with the gods
PART III It was still cold, crappy, and windy as we parked too far away (my fault) and had to haul ass to the Pier, so as not to literally miss the boat. We we were bundled up like eskimos, I was in two sweaters and a leather jacket and scarf, and look like it in all the photos. Alcatraz is also neat, and while there are some cool photos to be had, so much of the island is closed off due to its deteriorating condition, and there's only so many jail cells you can stare at. But again, another place worth visiting, even if it is a touch touristy. After making our way back to the main land and our car, a 35 minute brisk walk away, we found ourselves near Dolores Park at the recommendation of my best friend from childhood (we met 25 years ago in kindergarten). Amy lived the last ten years in San Francisco, and alas, the economy is so bad this winter she folded up shop in SF and is a NYer again. Sad state of affairs when NYC is more affordable than SF. So sadly, we didn't get to visit with Amy (no fear, she is looking at grad schools here in PDX), but we did go to her favorite ice cream place in the country, and for good reason. Two good reasons: salted caramel ice cream and balsamic strawberry ice cream. Each amazing, each different, and we can't wait to try more flavors there. Limited selection, but all tantalizing. Forget the lean beef, try the Bi Rite Creamery at 18th and Dolores, you won't regret it. Sunday night we made our way north to Legget, CA. Full, happy, tired, and great conversation all the way to a nice little motel, just as cheap as the Motel 6, but SO super comfy, and hair free. The room had a variety of tea bags and a tea pot waiting for us, no tv, no phone, just a super soft bed with plenty of clean pillows and a nice quilt, plus a welcoming committee (a cat) outside. I slept like the dead, the best sleep of the trip, that night, while Patrick lay awake thinking it was too quiet. Monday morning, our last day on the road, we hit the Chandelier "Drive Thru" tree in Leggett, just a mile or two from the hotel. We pulled in, and while there were no other cars to be had, but there was a tour bus parked in the lot, and 75 Chinese tourists milling about taking photos of each other standing in the cut out of the tree. When we pulled into that'd have thought we were the Pitt-Jolies with our small village of children in tow. Within seconds we were surrounded, front and back, by 75 cameras, all flashing. We parked the car for a good five minutes as person after person took their turn posing in front of the car, flashing the peace sign, then quickly swapping places with their friend to take a photo, and another, and another. We waved and they waved, they gave us the thumbs up, and I took a photo of about 25 people croweded in front of my car, all with cameras. I should have documented it better, but the experience was well worth it, regardless. We were celebrities in Leggett that morning. As always, it's sad to be home after a trip. It was a relief to pick up my dogs this morning, and I find myself already looking forward to Saturday morning and another weekend away from the office. Back to the grind.

cheap tires san francisco
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