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Starting A Tire Shop

starting a tire shop
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Quiveys Tire Service - 2421 So. Main Street, Santa Ana CA
Quiveys Tire Service -  2421 So. Main Street, Santa Ana CA
December 1956 Quivey Tire Service, with a picture of my grandfather standing out front. He was a airplane mechanic in WWII and when he got out his parents helped him acquire this shop and he started his own business on Main Street. This building used to make toothpaste in the background behind him. It is an ART DECO design. You can clearly see the toothpaste and the top cap with grooves in it! This building is still standing, and I have fond memories of being here throughout my childhood wiht my grandfather working on his projects. Unfortuantely a renter of this property took advantage of my grandmother and her senile dementia and destroyed the family trust causing my grandmother in her old age much distress. May God have mercy on her soul.
Flat tire
Flat tire
Bad-Flat tire, night, no cell phone, snow start falling. Good-a beautiful woman, gives a ride to my mother's place. Good-My sister, drives me back to the car. Bad- I couldn't take out the rim of the car. Good- A car stops and a gentlemen helps me to take it out. Bad- The spare does not fit. Good -The same gentlemen tells me where is a 24/7 tire shop near by. Bad- I'm just have $20 Good-The tire shop gives me a tire for that, not a good, but, still I can go home with it. Bad- I left the car with the emergency light on, so, battery is dead. Good- The expressway helpers (the one in the picture), gives me a jump. Good.-After 2 and a half hour, I arrive home safe. Good-God most exists.

starting a tire shop
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