Best Off Road Tires

best off road tires
    road tires
  • (Road tire) A bicycle tire that is usually 700C or 27 in. sizes with a non-aggressive tread.
    best off
  • Best Off is a French aircraft manufacturer founded in Toulouse by Philippe Prevot to market his Sky Ranger ultralight.

Road to Carrizo
Road to Carrizo
First of a new set of images from my weekend trip to the Carrizo Plains. Things did not go as well as I hoped as I tore out the sidewall on one of my tires will trying to cut through the back country of the Tremblor range on a fairly rugged 4WD road in search of wildflowers. The flowers this year in the Tremblor range were somewhat muted for the most part (especially compared to some of the epic photographs I have seen posted last year). Given my spare was a space-saver I had to limp back to Buttonwillow and make a deal at a podunk tire shop to get a used tire that was not quite the same size and limited tread mounted on the rim instead. It was only $25, so I got off cheap. This ended taking an extra 3 hours of crtical time closer to sunset, and thus scouting and photography for the best locations was dampered. I ended up improvising my campsite for the night without the luxury of much sunset photography. Anyway, the wildflowers this year were rated as "average" by the local BLM rangers. Currently they are considered at or just past their peak. They got about 3" of snow last week (which you may find hard to believe), with some of the locals saying that was probably better overall compared to this week. According to one source, the heavier than normal rains tended to accelerate the growth of the grasses, and overcompeting with the wildflowers for ground space this year. But nevertheless there were some nice fields with Tidy Tips, Goldfields, and Coreopsis in bloom, but just more isolated compared the vast size of this monument area. Most tended to be on the Soda Lake road closer to the Selby ranch road and Goodwin Educational center. Overall the trip was worth it to better familiarize myself with the area and improve my planning for next time. I also ended up meeting Chuck Graham and his wife. Chuck recently just published an article on the Carrizo Plain in the May, 2011 issue of Outdoor Photographer. They were a nice couple and gave me a few tips, as they get out here regularly.
The Road of Change
The Road of Change
Our driveway is a piece of art. At the top its all concrete which then switches over to chip'n seal. Next comes a run of very beat up blacktop before finishing off with a final cracked section of concrete. The changes are abrupt and shocking and to ride your smooth bike tires down it can be an adventure at times. Yet it seemed a fitting subject for the life changes that are taking place in my life these days. I just finished up my last day at the farm where I've been working for the past three years of my life. I've already been offered two new job positions in the past week yet I am so sad to leave and feel unprepared to step out once again into the unknown. But God has my steps all laid out, one right after the other, just out of my sight yet I have the faith that He has my hand and is taking me in the direction which is best. Pray for me though as I will have to make some tough choices on which job to take and when. They are both extremely different, not only just from each other, but also just from farm work in general. I do not want to leave the security and kindness I had at the farm, yet I am eager to see God move in new and exciting ways. Therefore, though the path ahead is all blurry and bokeh, God is clear light and I will keep my eyes on Him as He pierces the unknown and leads me through the changing roads ahead. "Lead on Lord God!"

best off road tires
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