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Make Up Games For Boys

make up games for boys
    make up
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who are we looking for?
who are we looking for?
2010 Election is just 105 days to go and everybody was already excited to vote for their bet for the next leaders of our beloved country. These are some of the comments of the people who thinks and will vote for Bro.Eddie: SERIOUS SAM - Bro. Eddie Villanueva para sa tunay na pagbabago! ARTHUR - After watching the presidential forum @ GMA i’ll go for BRO. EDDIE VILLANUEVA…sincere, serious, he has no bad record, with a good academic background capable of leading this country and most of all God fearing person…para mawala mga kurakot diyan sa gobyerno natin! ALEX - After watching the two Presidential forums on ABS-CBN and GMA, my vote goes to Bro. Eddie Villanueva. He is a God-fearing man who desires change in the country and who has the capability of change in the country without a doubt. He has a good educational background and he knows the constitution and the economy….what more can I ask for a Leader. I believe he is more than capable of lifting this nation up from the immeasurable economic, political, and moral depths of where it is right now. ANGEL FROM PAMPANGA - Bro Eddie Villanueva for change in our government. For God and Country, he has my vote. TESS OF NEW ZEALAND - ’salamat sa mga channels na gumagawa ng programs that let the filipino’s know who these presidentiables are.. for those who watched the forum, i sincerely believe only one man stood out. He answered with the kind of patriotic passion that transcends every barrier in the society.. Eddie C. Villanueva, finally a ray of hope for the Philippines! MARLON RAQUEL - Bro. Eddie Villanueva for President! My fellow Filipinos, if you really want a genuine change for our nation, please pray for God’s intervention this coming 2010 elections. Vote for leaders who have exemplary characters and men and women of God - respectable, self-controlled, have proven track of service record, and nationalistic. DENIEL-OF-LAGUNA - Bro. Eddie para sa TUNAY na pagbabago!!! “What is necessary for EVIL to TRIUMPH is for GOOD MEN to do NOTHING” Ikaw, papayag ka ba na magtagumpay ang buktot na pamamahala sa 2010?? We need a RIGHTEOUS leader.. See the presidentiables track record..karamihan sa kanila may issue..may batikos..may anumalya.. Papayag ka ba na ang mamumuno ng bansa ay isang taong gumawa ng kalokohan? Others would say, sa simbahan na lang yang si Bro. Eddie.. But think of this my friend, He is a Pastor..he fears the Lord..he knows God’s commandments.. As a Pastor (or a church leader), gagawa ka ba ng mga bagay na hindi kalooban ng Diyos? Bro. Eddie has the clearest vision for OUR country..ung iba self-centered.. PITSOP - if you want a peace in your country and trusted government official i rather vote for BRO. EDDIE for President!!! RACHEL - What you eat is what you are. if you will vote for erap.. you are like him. Be WISE AND SMART. Hindi ka naman BOBO ah. Bakit BOBO ka ba? BE WISE..BE WISE..BE WISE. BE SMART!!!!!!I am sure of Bro Eddie Villanueva…He could lead thousands of workers of God’s ministry,how much more for only hundreds members of M_PALACE. GREATER IS HE THAT WHO IS IN YOU BRO EDDIE THAN WHO IS IN THE WORLD. GOD HAVE MERCY TO OUR COUNTRY PHILIPPINES. EAUIE - I think Bro. Eddie Villanueva is still the best man to be the president. If President Cory is still alive and at the best of her health, would you think Noynoy would run as president? Of course not! He wouldn’t even think to run for the position neither the opposition would ask him to run. Ginagamit lang ng opposition si Noynoy kasi mainit pa ang pagkamatay ng kanyang ina. They are thinking because of the number of people who sympathized on President Cory’s death, would still be the same if Noynoy would run as president. In other words Noynoy will run because he thinks people will support him the way they supported his mother and not because he is the right person for the job! Sabi nga ni Ben Tulfo “according to the experts, hindi buo ang loob ni Noynoy para maging presidente.” Sana naman huwag gamitin ang popularidad para sa pagiging pangulo. Kung tatakbo naman siya para maging vice president, that will only serve as a purpose para manalo ang ka partido nya para maging pangulo kasi siguraong malakas si Noynoy sa tao gawa ng kanyang mga magulang. Sana ang mga Filipino ay maging matalino sa pagpili ng ating mga liders. Hindi porke anak siya ni Ninoy at Cory ay karapatdapat siya sa puwesto. Tignan natin sana ang kakayahan, talino, at iba pang katangian na sinabi ko sa una kong post. Common sense mga kaibigan, kung ang isang tradtional politician na kapartido ang mga kilalang politico ay mananalo bilang pangulo, ano sa tingin mo ag mangyayari? Papaburan niya yung mga kapartido niya kahit na ang iba ay pansariling interest ang hangad. So history will just repeat itself dahil kultura na natin ito lalo na sa larangan ng politika. Sad to say hindi maiintindihan ng marami nating kababayan itong sinasabi
Super Mom? 4:52
Super Mom?  4:52
So I envisioned this a tad differently but this will do :) The boys were not up to cooperating with my idea so we just went with it. I have a lot of people call me super mom. Maybe it is that I am raising three boys and I homeschool two of them and breastfeed and cloth diaper #3. I do 1-2 loads of laundry a day, I sweep the hardwoods at least twice a day, I cook at least one meal a day, and prepare snacks and smoothies. I Bathe, dress, kiss boo boo;s, wipe noses, break up fights, wipe 2 of their bums, do at least 2 sink full of dishes a day (no dishwasher here). I taxi them to museums, science centers, play dates, home school classes and libraries at least once a week. We make crafts, play board games, read books and do science experiments and get outside to walk and go to the park at least twice a week. I also babysit another 4 yo boy 2 days a week and an 18 month old girl once a week....on top of running a part time photography business...and paying the bills and etc, etc, etc..... My point to all of this is well, I don;t think of myself as a Supermom. This is the life I choose, and I love it. Sure I want to complain to a fellow mom once in a while, or I feel under appreciated by my kids and husband, and most times at days end I just want a hot shower w/o someone coming in to poop or whine at me, or just get a good nights rest for once in 8 years, and that rarely happens b/c that sweet fat baby there still wakes at least twice a night and now that he is teething I am not sure he ever sleeps longer than an hour at a time... But I know many moms in my shoes, and yes, they are super moms too! Even Moms who work Full Time out of the house are Super Moms. No one said this parenting thing was going to be easy, and it is far from easy, believe me there are days I just throw in the towel and refuse to clean or do one more load of laundry, I may yell more than I should at the kids who are just being kids, I get impatient with a teething baby who wants held and nursed ALL day ...then I pick myself up and remember again, this is the life I chose and I do not regret it one bit. There will come a day when they will not need me as much and I will miss times like these. And guess what else, I have crazy notions of wanting another one soon :) And I have to give a shout out to my wonderful husband and best friend, because he does help out a lot, especially with meals, and if he didn;t, then I would have lost my mind long ago.

make up games for boys